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We have made up a gallery of good fish speared all over the world, if you have any pics that you think should be here, Please contact us with your photos and a short description of them.

The Photos in the Gallery are arranged in the order they were submitted - latest received on the top of the first page.

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Bruce Brauteseth with a nice GT

Jaryd Enslin with a 6kg Jack using a Hawaiin Sling in the Bahamas

Jaryd Enslin with a 8kg Jack using a Hawaiin Sling in the Bahamas

Owen Tessendorf with some Costa Rican trophies

Owen Tessendorf with some Costa Rican trophies

Owen Tessendorf with some Costa Rican trophies

Owen Tessendorf with some Costa Rican trophies

Michael Callaghan with a few good fish

Rowan Freese with a 22,7kg Couta taken off the North Coast

Rinalen Naidu with a 27kg Daga taken off Durban

Drew Henwood with a nice Scottburgh Sailie - August 2012

Drew Henwood with a Poensie taken at Scottburgh

Craig And Greg with some nice Fulvie's taken At Inhambane

Drew Henwood with a 45kg Mozam Iggy

Greg and Drew with nice Sea Pike and Couta

Good shoal of big Fulvie's Kingfish - Inhambane

JP Jordaan with a 29 9kg Cuta - Winning fish of the Wahoo Winter Gamefish Challenge 2012

JP Jordaan with a 15.5kg sea pike

JP Jordaan with a 54kg blue marlin

Dean Inggs 12.02kg Garrick shot in the Transkei

Dean Inggs with a 10.55kg Steenbras shot in the Transkei

Ashley Mays with a 13kg Garrick taken at the Cutting

Quito du Preez with a 13kg Indian Mirror taken off Durban

Snoek Shot at Tinley Manor

Good size snoek before boating

Snoek Shot at Tinley Manor

Bruno Verbizier with a 9,2kg Snoek shot at Mtwalume June 2012

John Little and Andrew Henwood with Nice Wahoo Shot Near Aliwal Shoal May 2012

Andrew Henwood with a nice kaakap and king mackerel Sodwana May 2012 day before Freedivers Bluewater Compo

The Curious Catface Rockcod of Mtwalume May 2012

Andrew Henwood 34Kg Sailfish shot at Freedivers Bluewater compo 2012 Sodwana

Greg Audie 40kg Ignoblis kingfish Sodwana Bay June 2012

Eckart nice brusher

Paul Ferguson with a nice Barramundi in Australia

Unknown spearo. 20kg silver steenbras

Shane Breedt, chilling on the bottom looking for green jobfish, Mozambique

Fassdog 7.44kg Natal Snoek

Boys from the Umhlanga Spearfishing Club with their Natal Snoek catch

Mario Caputo with a corifena (Dorado) 10kg. Taranto, Italy

Mario again with a leccia (Garrick) of 22 kg. Taranto, Italy

Mario Caputo with a 24kg Bluefin Tuna speared off Taranto, Italy

Ross with a Purple Rockcod and a Geelbek

Shane and Gary with Geelbek

Ross Crouch with a Purple Rockcod

Ross and Gary with Geelbek and a rock salmon

Michael Le Cordier with a 6kg Yellowtail Kingfish

Michael Le Cordier with Geelbek Salmon of 10.5kg

Michael Le Cordier with an 8 kg Snoek

Shane Dawson with a 36kg Dagga speared at Ballito

Anthony with a 12.5kg Garrick speared at the Cutting

Roy Bealy with a 12kg Cracker and Leerie 11kg shot in St. Francis

Richard Colyn with a 63kg Yellowfin Tuna off Cape Point

Richard Colyn with a nice Cuda taken in Mozambique

Marc White with a record Carpenter shot off Oyster Bay point near Cape St Francis

Richard Colyn with a 27kg Cuda taken at Xai Xai, Mozambique

32kg Cuda off the beach at la Mercy

Michael Le Cordier - Couta, Snoek & Queen Fish shot at The Cuttings

Jason Mair with a 10kg black shot of double mouth

Jason Mair with a 8.135kg Yellow Belly Rock Cod

Once In A Lifetime Fish, Shot by Ruan Smal on a shoredive-Arniston

Quintin White, 6.5kg Snoek off the North coast

Adrian Barichievy, 16Kg Fulvie Kingfish Southern Mozambique

Juan Greef with Cracker & Soldier, Taken off East London

Darryl Hiscock with an excellent catch taken in the PE area

Mike Pellegrini with a fine 10kg Snoek taken off Ballito

Mike Pellegrini with 2 nice Garrick taken off Ballito

Michael Le Cordier with a 15Kgs Couta & Snoek shot at Treasure Beach

Michael Le Cordier with a 8.5Kgs Brusher shot at The Cuttings

Michael Le Cordier with a 14Kg & 8.5Kg Garrick shot at Rocky Bay

Keegan Wrathmall with a 39kg Daga Salmon

The Entrants to The Border Open Competition 2010

Barry Skinstad with a 55kg Daga Salmon taken on the wreck of the Nebo

Ryan Daly with a 30kg Daga Salmon taken on the South Coast recently


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