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(30-Jun-04) June Monthly report

Johns June report is up. Jurie Niemand sent us a photo for the gallery of a huge ignoblis shot in Mozambican waters»

(15-Jun-04) Big Cuda at Seapark

Darrell Hattingh sent a short report on a Cuda lost at Seapark

New Photos up in the photo gallery »

(11-Jun-04) Wahoo Winter Gamefish

A report back of the 26th Annual Wahoo Diving Clubs Winter Gamefish Competition held at Cape Vidal over the weekend 5/6 June 2004.

NSRI Competition

The the National Sea Rescue Institute is trying to raise funds again this year with a doc NSRI Competition where you could win a THE PAJERO 3.2 Di-D and the NEW OUTLANDER.

Spearfishing Comp

The Salt rock Spearfishing Club is organizing the doc Salt Rock Migratory Fish Challenge 2004 for Saturday 3rd July - from sunrise to 17h00 »

(29-May-04) May Monthly Report

An interesting Monthly Report this month with a few interesting facts about freediving »

(18-May-04) Interclubs and Winter Gamefish

The 2004 Interclubs will be held on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th June 2004 at Struisbaai/ Arniston doc Entry form. The 26th Wahoo Winter Game Fish is also coming up soon on Saturday 5th June doc Entry form.

Some really nice new photos up in the photo Gallery »

(29-Apr-04) Aprils Monthly Report

As usual Johns Monthly Report makes for good reading. Congrats gos out to David Mullins of Auckland who expects to hold the striped marlin free-diving spearfishing world record after landing a 156.6kg fish.

New Spearfisherman profile

Johan Jacobs sent us his profile »

(26-Apr-04) Cage Diving and The Great White

A really good article on cage diving and the Great White Shark by Glenn Ashton, an environmental conservationist who has a lifelong interest with the sea and marine conservation.

New photos

Some new photos were added to the Gallery today »

Diving Oman by Anthony Dunne

Anthony Dunne is back in the water again and sent us a short bit about Diving at Oman.

(20-Apr-04) Hibiscus Underwater Club Competition

The Hibiscus Underwater Club will be hosting an open competition on Saturday 15th May, the competition area is the entire KZN coastline from Tugela mouth to Port Edward, all entrants must weigh there fish in at Hibberdene hotel with 4pm being the cut off.

The comp is open to any Spearo in posession of a valid licence and not only those affiliated to a club. The price to enter will be R160. 

1st prize R3000.00 for the heaviest gamefish with prizes down to 8th place.

Entry forms will be available from Freedivers and Rob-allen as soon as all the sponsors are finalised. For more info contact Bruce Jackson doc Entry form »

(18-April-04) Lobster tagging Project

Erika Louw from Oceanographic Research Institute, Durban is working on a lobster tagging Project. It is to investigate the movements of rock lobster on the KwaZulu-Natal coast. This involves the tagging of lobster on the Blood Reef system off the Bluff and the recapture of tagged specimens. The success of this project depends on the co-operation of the public. Any diver or fishermen are encouraged to support this project by returning the tags on rock lobster they harvest. pdf All the details are here »

Gamefish Action

Expect some big cuda about this month with likely spots being Salt Rock and Stud on the north coast and Mtwalume and Hibberdene on the south coast. Big snoek should be found on the north coast and wahoo begin to make an appearance out at Aliwal Shoal. The wrecks and deep-water pinnacles on the upper north coast could be a good bet with the chance of big cuda »

Sea Pike Attack

Story by Basie of a Recent trip to Sodwana bay »

pdf Marine Recreational Fishing Regulations, heres a useful file to print out and keep with you in the car »

Some good new photos in the Gallery »

(30-Mar-04) Latest at Spearfishingsa

New photo of Leven point is up with a short write-up. Interesting March Monthly Report this month with good and bad news.

South Africa and Mozambique tighten up on Illegal Foreign fishing Vessels

Some new photos in the Gallery too »

(24-Mar-04) SA Spearfishing Champs

The results are out for the Nationals held last week. Check out xls all the details here. A writeup on the Competition is here»

(16-Mar-04) Jesser Point ...

Check the aerial photo of Jesser Point at Sowana Bay »

(03-Mar-04) Big Snoek around last weekend

Darrell sent us a report of what went down last weekend.

Paradise reef off Boys Town is an interesting shallow dive - check the aerial photo out

Update on the SA National Spearfishing Championships and the All-Africa Spearfishing Championships »

The results of the final trial held on 28-Feb-04 to pick the kzn teams for nationals are in the table below, Congrats to all.

Position Points Weight Name
1 52.8 39.8 Guyla Plaganyi
2 44.1 31.1 Nick McClurg
3 40.7 29.7 John Girzda
4 23.6 17.6 Brett Dickson
5 22.29 15.29 John Little
6 17.2 11.2 JP Kroll
7 17.18 12.18 Graham Carlisle
8 13.4 8.4 Rod Cerff
9 6.3 3.3 Dave Coetzee
10 4.82 2.82 Dean Lailvaux
11 4.2 2.2 Matthew Jackson
12 3.77 1.77 Andrew Nell
13     Ryan Glenny
14     Allen Ware
15     Garry Mann
16     Jaco Blignaut
17     Angelo Spada
18     Gary Hazel
19     Richard Rumble
20     Jethro Mc Carthy
21     Shane Strong
22     Philippe Lamoral


(01-Mar-04) Lost off Amatikulu ...

Jaco Blignaut and Jethro McCarthy had a scary night lost in the water 10km off Amatikulu.

News on Aliwal Shoal being declared a protected area.

John's monthly report is out, lots of interesting happenings last month.

Also a few good photos sent through for the Gallery »

(18-Feb-04) Second Set of Trial results out

The DUC Gamefish Open 2004 was held on the 14th Feb - here the results are.

We were sent a nice photo of Selection reef at Umdloti »

Corry sent a good underwater photo of him with a nice Cape Yellowtail for the Gallery.

These are the results of the second trials held on the 14th Feb.

Position Points Weight Name
1st 25.74 18.15 Guyla Plaganyi
2nd 22.88 15.46 Angelo Spada
3rd 21.27 14.27 John Girzda
4th 16.17 24.05 Graham Carlisle
5th 13.94 9.94 Jethro Mc Carthy
6th 12.86 9.46 JP Kroll
7th 10.16 6.78 Richard Rumble
8th 8.36 5.53 Nick McClurg
9th 8.05 6.42 John Little
10th 7.75 4.75 Brett Dickson
11th 7.29 5.29 Matthew Jackson
12th 7.08 5.08 Dave Coetzee
13th 2.46 1.46 Ryan Glenny
14th 2.11 1.11 Andrew Nell
15th 1.00 0.67 Shane Strong
16th 0.00 0.00 Jaco Blignaut
17th 0.00 0.00 Gary Hazel
18th 0.00 0.00 Philippe Lamoral
19th 0.00 0.00 Rod Cerff
20th 0.00 0.00 Dean Lailvaux
21st 0.00 0.00 Garry Mann
22nd 0.00 0.00 Allen Ware


(05-Feb-04) Whats New?

Two new photos up in the Gallery from Noel Maddison and a Close Encounter with a Zambezi Shark by Warren Bennett.

Also the Rules of the Rob Allen Gamefish League »

(02-Feb-04) January Report

Excuse me for getting John’s January Report up a little late - as usual its a good read »

(21-Jan-04) DUC Gamefish Open

The DUC Gamefish Open is being held on 7 February 2004. pdf The details are here.

There are some new photos of good fish in the Gallery. Also some news of Cape Vidal Action by Tim Theunissen.

The 1st Natal Trials were held on 17-01-2004 the table below lists the results»

Position Points Weight Name
1st 53.93 45.51 Jaco Blignaut
2nd 52.08 39.08 Guyla Plaganyi
3rd 44.39 32.95 John Girzda
4th 39.57 28.92 John Little
5th 39.28 28.28 Gary Hazel
6th 31.41 28.38 Richard Rumble
7th 24.39 16.39 Angelo Spada
8th 23.34 15.89 Nick McClurg
9th 22.18 16.18 Jethro Mc Carthy
10th 18.61 12.61 Graham Carlisle
11th 11.10 8.10 Brett Dickson
12th 10.40 8.40 Philippe Lamoral
13th 9.09 6.09 Matthew Jackson
14th 8.58 6.58 JP Kroll
15th 8.18 5.44 Shane Strong
16th 6.77 3.77 Rod Cerff
17th 6.77 3.77 Dean Lailvaux
18th 2.26 1.26 Dave Coetzee
19th 2.16 1.16 Ryan Glenny


(13-Jan-04) Photos, Comps and Stories

South African Spearfishing Championships being held at Stilbaai on the 13th - 17th March 2004 You can download the invite and info here.

Len Turner sent us a storie of his Christmas Ignoblis. Also a Shark story by Dirk Fabrie in the news section.

Two nice fish up in the Photo Gallery, Duncan Cremer shot an 11kg Jobfish in Mozambique (SA Record 7kg)»

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