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(28-June-07) Sardines are here!

Johns monthly report is here. Just before the huge cold front that hit the country we have had some good weather with good fish aroung the sardines.

(23-June-07) Marine Protected Area

Word is out that the marine protected area that was mooted some time back for the Umhali stretch has been resurrected. Any protection offered to the sea is good, however applications for small areas like this could be self-serving and may not serve to conserve the environment as much as to push up property prices. Any proposals like this need to be monitored very carefully and spearfishermen need to make sure that they are part of any decision making process.

(18-June-07) DUC Spearfish Open 2007

The Durban Underwater Club 2007 competition is being held on the 14 July. The area is from Tugela river mouth to Port Edward. You can download the entry form here.

(15-June-07) A Sailie, a Zambie and a bag of Cuda by

A report back from Tim Sluiscremer

(13-June-07) Shark Incidents along the Natal Coast in June

There have been two incidents along the Natal coast recently where people have been bitten by sharks.

The first incident happened out at Aliwal Shoal where a scuba diver was bitten on the head whilst on a shark dive. One of the licensed shark dive operators had a group of divers down on the bottom viewing the sharks attracted by the chum that is used to draw these sharks into an area. A small tiger shark, new to the area as he has not been seen before, swam down to the group and bit the man on the head. He was right next to the dive supervisor. The shark mouthed the victims head and then swam off. No life-threatening injuries occurred.

The second incident happened to a crayfish diver in the Mtwalume area. Details are still sketchy but he was mouthed on the leg by a large shark. The bite marks were three centimeters apart and one centimeter deep indicating a large shark and most probably a great white. There have been reports from a couple of spearos of a large white in the area recently.

240kg Marlin off Aliwal

Tim Sluiscremer landed a 240kg Black Marlin on Aliwal Shoal, he sent through an account.

Bluewater Gamefish Challenge

King of the kings by Danie Van Hyssteen - a report back on the Bluewater Gamefish Challenge

(07-June-07) Winter Gamefish 2007

Its July next month! Winter Gamefish 2007! The Competition will be held at Cape Vidal as usual, Sign-in is on the 27th July and the Competition is on the 28th at Sunrise. You can download a form here.

(02-June-07) Aliwal Shoal Report

Basie sent through his Aliwal report which is up. Seems with the still winter conditions and lack of current Sappi Saiccor pollution is playing a big role in the conditions at Aliwal (one of our most dived reefs in South Africa) again...

SAUFF “State of the Nation” letter May 2007

Brent Addison - sent out a letter with the "State of the National" as far as SAUFF goes, its news and results from nationals and worlds.

(30-May-07) Support the SA Team Raffle

A raffle has been designed to gather funds to help finance the SA team whom is traveling to Cadiz, Spain to participate in the Euro Qualifiers 2007. All proceeds from this raffle will go towards the funding of the SA team. Its a worthy cause and there are great prizes to be won, tickets are only R50 (this has recently been changed to R20!).

May Monthly Report

Johns May Monthly Report has been posted here.

(16-May-07) Nationals news

Nationals 2007 - John has put together a write-up on the nationals 2007 news.

(15-May-07) Fishingski Research Project

The Oceanographic Research Institute is currently conducting a survey to establish the extent and relative social, economic and environmental impacts of the KwaZulu-Natal paddlecraft fishery, including spearfishing. By contributing your views and perceptions, you will enhance the knowledge-base of the fishery, and in so doing, you will be contributing towards the wise management of our linefish resources and helping to formalise the fine sport of paddlecraft fishing/spearfishing. All paddlecraft fishers/spearos, irrespective of the type of craft used, are encouraged to complete the questionnaire at the below address. All information submitted in the questionnaire will remain confidential, and no details will be passed onto any third party without the express consent of the respondent.

Any persons wishing to find out more on this research project can contact Pierre Pradervand at or 031 328 8181 (w). or

Aliwal Shoal report back

Basie Ackermans' report back on Aliwal shoal for April 2007 has been posted here.

(03-May-07) Nationals Results

Nationals kicked off and we have the first results. All the results on a spread sheet are here.

Day one Nationals Team Results top 5

EP A 44.43 100%
KZN A 36.81 83%
Southern Cape A 30.74 69%
S-KZN A 28.29 64%
Boland A 27.76 62%

Individual results top 5

Hein Eksteen 18.89 100.00%
Mark Jackson 16.18 85.65%
Angelo Spada 16.17 85.60%
James Lawson-Smith 15.03 79.57%
Gletwyn Rubidge 14.45 76.50%


(01-May-07) Monthly Report

The monthly report back from John is up. Read it here

(02-Apr-07) Aliwal Shoal News

Basie sent us his news for Aliwal shoal for the month of march. Read it here

(31-Mar-07) Tidal Storms off Durban

We have removed the photos of the Selkerk Settler as we have since found out that they were not taken off Durban but in mid Atlantic in 1987. Normally we verify all the material used on the site but failed to do so this time and hence were taken in like everyone else. Thanks to Craig Bermeister for making the effort to substantiate the photos when his suspicions were raised due to Durban harbour being closed and the colour of the wave. Well done Craig.

(29-Mar-07) Monthly report

As usual Johns monthly report makes an intersting read.

Tuna Rig Raffle

To try and raise funds for the WP“B” Team to go to National’s in May, they have set up a raffle for some equipment donated by Freedivers. We have uploaded a form herewith the details.

(21-Mar-07) Blue Water Gamefish Challenge

The Pietermaritzburg UnderWater Club will be hosting the Blue Water Gamefish Challenge on Saturday 9th June – From 15:00 to 18:00. The Weigh-in at Coral Divers (fish must be at weigh-in by latest 16:30). You can download entry form and more details here ...

(08-Mar-07) Aliwal Shoal Report

Basie Ackerman has sent through his report back on Aliwal Shoal for February ...

(04-Mar-07) Marlin on No. 1

Andrew Henwood, Pete Schoerie and John Little launched off Durban (DUC) early Friday morning, Andrew sent us a report back of the days events where he landed a Black Marlin at No1 Reef.

(03-Mar-07) Spearfishingsa 6th Birthday

Spearfishingsa is 6 years old this February, John and I have been adding and updating this site for 6 years now - we have about 20 000 readers a month (and growing) and hope to be around for many more years. Johns Monthly Report back is up as usual, read it here.

HUC Club Challenge

On the 24th march the Hibiscus Underwater Club is hosting a team challenge at from Umkomaas River mouth to port Edward. You can download a pdf entry form here.

Americas Spearfishing Zone Qualifier - 2007

The Americas Zone Qualifier will be held at a place called Higuerote in the Province of Miranda in Venezuela from 3rd to 8th October 2007. To be eligible for the World Spearfishing Championships in 2008, also taking place in Venezuela, South Africa needs to place in the top 5 of this competition...

(25-Feb-07) SAFA - Letter from Chairman

A letter from the SAFA chairman has been posted to keep all of us updated on the goings on

(24-Feb-07) Black Marlin shot off Salt Rock

Shore Diving off Salt rock tidal pool Mark Griffith landed a 158kg Black Marlin. Read his story here.

Trip report for Mozambique

Our day in the land of the friendly people by Danie van Hyssteen

(09-Feb-07) Aliwal Shoal report

Basie Ackermanns report back on Aliwal shoal for January 2007. Sorry its a few days late, my fault not Basies, makes for good reading as uaual.

(30-Jan-07) Natal Trail and open Event results

The Natal Trails and Open event was held on the 28th January, below are the results. Congrats to Gyula Plagani.

Gyula Plagani 41.12 100%
Angelo Spada 31.3 76%
John Girzda 29.69 72%
Brent Bortslap 25.29 62%
Graham Carlisle 19.35 47%
Corrie 18.87 46%
Andrew Henwood 17.97 44%
Dyter Boss 17.65 43%
Garrick Morris 16.94 41%
John Little 15.75 38%
Carl Werner 15.6 38%
Dave Coetzee 13.69 33%
Paul Putter 13.25 32%
Craig Heslop 13.02 32%
Sean O'Connor 9.66 23%
Bruno 9.14 22%
Phillip Dreyer 8.62 21%
Brent Addisson 8.45 21%
Chris West 7.32 18%
G. Staats 7.27 18%
Craig Harper 7.08 17%
Greg Bisset 6.46 16%
Pete S 4.58 11%


Monthly Report for January 2007

Its the begining of a new year again and like clock work Johns monthly article for the past month is up again.

Nationals 2007 News

We have made the Who, What, Where, When and How Much for Nationals 2007 available as a pdf nationals-2007.pdf download.


(29-Jan-07) Marlin Classic 2007 28 April 2007

Entries will be limited to 100 divers and the entry fee is R180.00 per person. Entry to the team event is R100 extra per boat.

  • biggest gamefish R7500 2ND R3500
  • biggest garrick R3500 2ND R2000
  • most species R3500 2ND R2000
  • ladies best catch R2000
  • team competition R1500 each

There will be a lucky draw and all entrnts will receive a T-shirt.

Interested divers can email

(20-Jan-07) Hibiscus Interclub challenge

The Hibiscus Underwater Club will be hosting the Hibiscus Interclub challenge on Saturday 24 march 2007. The weigh-in will be at the Scottburgh Country club. We will be posting entry forms on the site as soon as they are available, contact numbers are: Cornel 083 449 7796 : Brent 082 322 2750 : Louise 082 924 7213.

New photos up

We were sent some more new photos to add to the gallery. Thanks to our readers it boasts more than 300 images and growing.

An Epic day at Protea Banks

Corry Versluis sent us a write-up of the kind of day at Protea Banks any spearo dreams of.

(01-Jan-07) Happy New Year!

Well another year has raced past and John and myself would like to wish all readers a happy, healthy and prosperous 2007. Time flies so maximize and enjoy your spearfishing whilst you are able. Don’t leave those dream trips until it is too late.

December 2006 report from John

Johns last monthly report back for 2006. We look forward to a good 2007.

Aliwal Shoal report

A report back from basie Ackerman on Aliwal shoal, last look at at December 2006.

Aliwal Shoal Dive Guide

Something of interest for Aliwal; Aliwal Shoal Dive Guide an information book of 112 pages with the first 96 in full colour. The guide includes photography, the latest dive maps, coverage of the dive sites and more.

The guide can be purchased through the WWF at R115 and proceeds go towards WWF marine conservation. WWF Contact Person: Denise Samson E-mail: Tel: 021 888 2866. We have posted a cover picture here.

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