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(22-June-09) Photo Gallery

Gerhard Canot sent a photo of an early Garrick of 20kg for the Photo Gallery ...

(22-June-09) Merit Board

Well done to Mark Keyser for adding a 30.5kg Cuda to his Merit board this weekend at Cape Vidal ...

(16-June-09) News from Australia

Some interesting news, fishing management in Australia, shows what can be done when the will is there ...

(09-June-09) Freedivers Gamefish Open

Freedivers is hosting a competition on the 4th of July, The Gamefish Open will be between Portedward and Sodwana Bay, with the weighin from 3pm to 5pm at Freedivers.

We have posted their poster with entry details and more here ...

Basie has sent through a short update on the happenings at Aliwal Shoal for the month of May, and for interest we have uploaded the CMAS Underwater Fishing Rules here.

(03-June-09) Middle of the year

Storms and floods at Coffs habour with only a few divable days in the whole month of may! Mark has more in his short report back for May

Quite the opposite in KZN with some nice settled sea and good fish, even though the cape has had such rough seas and floods. John has more here

(06-May-09) SA Champs

The South African Spearfishing Champs was held on the 9th May at Park Rynie. Here is a report back on the competition. We have placed links on the report to xls spread sheets with the results.

The Wahoo Winter Gamefish 2009 Competition will be held on the 06 June, you can download a entry firm here.

(06-May-09) April News

Another report back on April news from Basie at Aliwal Shoal down the South KZN coast. Also two new photos in the gallery, Darryl Kemp with a nice Poensie that was blind in one eye.

(02-May-09) April News

News from Down Under at Coffs Harbour and news from South Africa with Johns Report.

(27-Apr-09) Nationals 2009 Rules ans Scoring

We have posted a PDF document on the rules for Nationals 2009 as well as the New Scoring system for Nationals 2009.

(10-Apr-09) National Teams

National Trials were held at the end of March and the following teams were selected to represent South Africa against Australia on 9th May 2009 on the Lower South Coast.

Protea Team
James Lawson-Smith (Captain)
Angelo Spada
Broderick Whittaker

Ryan Burmeister (Captain)
Garret Staats
Andrew Henwood

The Australian team to compete against them will be:
Tony Heugh (Captain/Manager)
F.R.J de Vries
Robert K. Wills
Graham Carlisle

New photos in the Photo Gallery ..


(06-Apr-09) Aliwal

Visibility has been terrible for most of the month, with days of no viz to average of 6-8metres. There were some serious thermoclines, with the lowest temperature 18 degrees Celsius. More on Aliwal from Basie

(03-Apr-09) Coffs Harbour

The weather pattern in Coffs Harbour follows a similar one to that experienced around the Aliwal Shoal area. Most of the S fronts are over and the system is influenced by Highs moving from W to E along the S regions of the Australian continent. Read more of whats been happening over in Ausie from Mark...

(30-Mar-09) Chumming for Sharks

The three licensed shark diving operations in the Aliwal area are attracting a large number of sharks into the area. The recent springbok spearfishing trials held in this area high-lighted the problems ... More in Johns Monthly report.

(29-Mar-09) Protea Trails

Spearfishing trials were held on the Natal coast recently to choose the top six divers for two international teams to compete against an Australian side this year in May. Area dived was Deep Scottburgh together with Nineteen Fathoms and the trials were over two days ...

(24-Mar-09) Gamefish Masters

Well done to Andrew Henwood for making the Gamefish masters board with 4 fish ...

(12-Mar-09) Coffs Harbour

Bush Fires, Droughts and rain measured in Metres is what happens in Australia, Mark sent through a Coffs Harbour report (my apologies for getting it uploaded so late) that makes intresting reading...

Gamefish Masters

Well done to Alistair Louw for making the Gamefish Masters board on Spearfishingsa.

(04-Mar-09) Tribute to Dave Crews


Dave Crews was of the “old school” of spearfishermen and associated with many of the pioneers of the sport. Dave was a member of the Dolphin Underwater club in PE as well as the Wahoo dive club in Durban. He was an active committee member at the Wahoo dive club for many years and was always willing to ‘lend a hand’. He loved attending the Wahoo Winter Gamefish competition and relished chatting to old and new divers alike. He opened his house and hospitality at Hougham Park, Port Elizabeth to travelling spearos and friends.

In his day he shot some fine fish with the older reel gun equipment including some big yellowtail and fairly recently big garrick and king mackerel.

He will be fondly remembered for his enthusiastic spearfishing conversation and loud laughter.

Our condolences to Kate and family and friends.

Rest in peace dear friend.


Basie sent in his report for February, we have uploaded it here


(28-Feb-09) February 2009

John has some interesting bits of info in his February report back.

The Australian Points scoring for their National Championships might interest our divers in SA, we have put a PDF up here to see how it works. A roundup of the Australian Champs was sent to us by Graham Carlisle

(24-Feb-09) Circular 2009

The 2009 South African Inter Provincial and Open Individual Spearfishing Championships – 4th Circular has been sent out to keep spearos up to speed. We have posted it here.

(17-Feb-09) DUC Open 2009

The Durban Undersea Club is hosting their annual Spearfishing Competition on the 28th March 2009. You can download the Entry form here and the Comp info here.

(29-Jan-09) January 2009

Johns last report was put up before the end of the month on the 22 December. The last week of December had rather windy weather with some big westerly fronts passing up the coast in quick succession, Johns update for January is up.

(28-Jan-09) Aliwal and Coffs Harbour

Our regular contributors Basie and Mark each sent through their first report back for January 2009 for Aliwal Shoal and Coffs Harbour respectively.

(03-Jan-09) Happy New Year!

A happy and prosperous new year to all our readers from John and Myself at Spearfishingsa.

Mark has sent through his last report on Coffs Harbour for 2008 and Basie sent his report for Aliwal shoal both make interesting reading as usual.

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