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(29-Dec-03) Last Post for 2003

This will be the last post to the site for 2003. John and Myself would like to wish all visitors to spearfishingsa a happy and prosperous New Year.

John’s Monthly Report is up and there are two new photos in the gallery »

(16-Dec-03) Dogtooth hunting at Vumba Island

Plenty of action in the spearfishing world. Read Johns report on their trip to Vumba Island in Mozambique where they went to look for the elusive Dogtooth tuna.

Also 4 nice photos added to the photo gallery. Wayne Allin, Robert Beviss-Challinor, Gavin Hau and Chris Ananiadis all sent us their pics»

(12-Dec-03) South African Spearfishing Records

We recently scanned the entire pictorial history of the South African National Spearfishing Records (sharks, rays etc were not scanned). Some of these photos go back to the early fifties and are a unique record of the different fish shot by spearfishermen along the South African coast.

We used a sophisticated scanner that enabled some of the photos that were no longer legible to the naked eye to still be scanned successfully. There are seven photos missing from the records mostly due to the fact that some records were accepted without photos in the early days. We will endeavor to get pictures of these missing fish so there are no gaps in the records.

This is an amazing reference for anyone wanting to identify the different fish species and we would like to thank the South African Freediving Association for their generosity in giving us access to this unique record »

(08-Dec-03) Sodwana Bay Conditions and Some New Photos

Thanks Darrel for un update on the conditions at Sodwana Bay. Also some nice photos sent to us that are up in the Photo Gallery»

(07-Dec-03) Spearfishing Death at Sodwana Bay

It is with regret and concern that spearfishingsa has learnt of the death of a local spearfisherman. Mr. Jee was spearfishing on the outside of 2-mile reef when he failed to surface from a dive. An extensive search carried out in the area found his left hand and some parts of a wetsuit. It is presumed that Mr. Jee suffered a shallow water blackout and was then possibly attacked by a shark. A large tiger shark was seen in the area whilst the search was being conducted. Our condolences go out to his family and friends »

(26-Nov-03) Monthly Report

Some nice reading in John's Monthly report for November, a little early but he is off to Mozambique for some spearing »

The Natal Trials are coming up soon - All the info as well as the entry form is in this pdf Document »

(19-Nov-03) Kosi Bay dive

Kurt Schrauwen made a trip to Kosi bay - his report is up in our news and stories section.

There have been some good fish shot lately, Barry Skinstad shot a 17kg Kaakap in Mozambique, that is 5 kilos heavier than the SA record!

Also new in the Gallery, Hein Eksteen with a 15kg brusher shot off Mosselbay point, Noel Maddison with two Galjeon, a 32kg Ignoblis taken by Richard Lawrence at Nine Mile reef, Sodwana and Ryan van der Merwe with a 25kg Ignoblis from Mozambique »

(07-Nov-03) Some more news

Darrell Hattingh sent us a report on the South Coast for end of October begining of Novemeber that is up finally (better late than never).

Congrats to Fernando Abella Blanco who shot a monster Bluefin Tuna of 278kg near Murcia, Spain on the 12 Sep 03. One of the guns used was a pneumatic 1.1m and a double rubber 1.1m gun. The photo is in the Gallery »

(30-Oct-03) October Monthly report

The October Monthly report is up, some big developments in the Cape Vidal area and as usual lots of interesting stuff from through the month »

Wayne Thomas also sent a photo of a 30kg Wahoo as well as the rest of the days catch off Brisbane.

(24-Oct-03) South Coast report – 22 October

We had a report back from Darrell Hattingh about the South Coast on Wednesday. At Port Shepstone the water was clean despite the NE. Darrell dived at South Point. The sea was Choppy, flat surf and viz at about 8-10 meters. There was not allot around but he managed to get a Garrick over 9kg and two bronze bream. “Water is still reasonably cleanish down south I’ve been told even with the current NE wind, swell has picked up a bit but may still be diveable over the weekend - no reports of brusher though there are one or two return garrick knocking about. Cheers - Darrell”

Darrell also saw Marc Lange from the Sharks Board at Pumula (where they had just come in with a 2 M Tiger Shark caught in the nets off the bathing beach at Hibberdene). »

(07-Oct-03) Whats new at Spearfishingsa

Freediving Clinic

Freediving South Africa (FSA) invites you to attend a Freediving Clinic in Durban from the 8th to 9th November 2003. More info here »

New photos in the Gallery

We got two nice photos for the gallery, Paul Marlin with a good snapper and a World record Claim Amberjack of 73kg!

(08-Oct-03) New Rules Proposed for World Champs

Below is a note sent by Len Turner on a new rule proposed for World Champs. CMAS the world governing body is proposing that the teams for Worlds consist of two divers instead of three.

“Friends: CMAS new rules want to limit to 2 spearo's the number of divers in Continental Comp's and Worlds, mainly for conservation reasons. On the one hand this is good for those reasons and on the other hand bad, because less divers can get colours. Please give me some inputs and then I will make a decision on our standpoint for SA. Regards - Len Turner President: SAFA”

New Photo up

Kurt Schrauwen also sent a photo of two Brusher he landed off Umdloti; “one of 6.5kg and the other 7.5kg before the sun had come up...... water was so dark I had to aim at the pectoral fin because I could not see the fish in the white water”

(07-Oct-03) South Coast Report

Darrell Hattingh sent a report on shore dive down the Natal South Coast.

Also a nice photo of some Russian spearos with snoek, cuda and wahoo»

(30-Sep-03) September report

Johns report for September is up.

(20-Sep-03) A bit of fun with Flash

Steve Benjamin spent some time making a Flash Movie - Good for a bit of fun »

(16-Sep-03) Nice new Photo up

Nice to get a photo from the Russion divers - Dima sent us one for the gallery of an outsize bonefish »

(12-Sep-03) Hibiscus Underwater Club

John and Nick had a good day at Ifafa point, check the photo in the Gallery.

The “Hibiscus Underwater Club” was formed down the South Coast. Heres more of what future plans are and what was discussed »

(02-Sep-03) Great White Shark Encounter

Gletwyn Rubidge had an encounter with a great white shark on the Rye Banks.

Basie Ackerman sent us an update for the merit board he now has a 28kg wahoo»

(02-Sep-03) Monthly Report

Johns Monthly Report is up »

(29-Aug-03) Some good Stories up

We have got three new stories up in the Comp. and Stories section. Andre Schrauwens' story of the lost gun and Sailfish, Anthony Dunnes' wahoo weekend at Aliwal Shoal and Johan Jacobs story of the Huge Yellow Belly shot down South Coast »

(26-Aug-03) Dates for SA National Spearfishing Championships

The dates for the SA National Spearfishing Championships to be held at Stilbaai (Sat 13 till Wed 17 March 2004) and hosted by Southern Cape. It will be two dive days, then one rest day - then we will continue with the All African Spearfishing Championships.

The following people will be the 'Bok' selectors provided there is no objections:

  1. Edward Hayman
  2. Geremy Cliff
  3. Johan Jacobs
  4. Tommy Botha

The formal invites to the SA National Spearfishing Championships will be sent out timeously, but feel free to begin making your arrangements also in due time.

Questions / Comments - Len Turner: 0836332851 »

New photos up and New Gamefish Master

Jurgen Holzman is the latest Gamefish master on our Merit board. Tony Randall and Anthony Dunne sent us some nice Photos that I added to the Gallery»

(25-Aug-03) African Spearfishing Championship

Thanks Len Turner for the update.

"Friends, divers and country gentlemen:
I have received many comments regarding the setting up of a Competition Committee and hosting an African Spearfishing Championship. This is a requirement by CMAS World Body for us to participate in the World Spearfishing Championship in terms of Zonal (Continental) allocations.

The general trend of the comments go like this:

  1. Zimbabwe and Mozambique are also willing to host the ASC
  2. 5 other African Countries are also keen to participate
  3. We need to replicate the next Worlds venue as far as possible
  4. We need to be able to shoot reef fish
  5. We need to dive in salt water & surf conditions
  6. We need to give our spearo's as much advantage as possible

Now, as far as I believe, the next Worlds is in Chile in September 2004. I have got input from some divers who were at the last Worlds in Chile in about 1982 (John Hughes for SA; Rob Gates for Zimbabwe and John Ernst for USA). The comp was held in a place called Andivugusta - spelling ? (where the Andes mountain range collapses into the sea). The water conditions are cold (13 degrees), lots of very long kelp and mostly white water diving. The fish that come out are similar to the South and Western Cape (including big Sole; Pettipero, Sheep's Head, Merru etc). I have seen a lot of old photo's and it looks like the short Chilians and the top Italians are the teams to beat in these conditions.

Now my thinking is as follows:

We are having the next SA Champs at Stilbaai in April 2004. How about we hold the first two days for our SA Champs and then carry on after a rest day with the African Spearfishing Champs. By then we should have been able to select our top SA divers to compete.

Please give me your inputs. Regards - Len 083 6332851"

(20-Aug-03) New Photos up in the Gallery

We have been sent some nice photos of fish that have been shot that are up in gallery »

South Coast Spearfishing club

For more info on the founding of the South Coast Spearfishing Club contact Marc Lange (082 0308512) or Darrell Hattingh (083 3100596).

(01-Aug-03) Huge Lonfin Tuna

Jacques Tresfon shot a huge longfin tuna of 28.9kg on the 28-Jun-03 approx 30 miles off Cape Point. Photo up in the gallery »

(30-Jul-03) Monthly Report for July 03

July has turned out to be the most settled month wind and sea wise so far this year. The visibility for much of the month was diveable along the whole coast. Sea temperatures hardly dropped below 20C and together with the warm balmy days, you could not find a better place to be than on the KwaZulu-Natal coast. The Monthly Report makes for good reading »

(11-Jul-03) New Profile up

Edward Hayman offered his profile to be put up and Martin Victor sent a nice photo for the gallery of two Pignose Grunter he got with one shot out of a shoal »

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