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(23-Dec-04) A Good Sign - Lazarus Banks

Andy Foote sent in a nice report back from a Good trip to Lazarus banks in November (they had a much better trip than the chaps below).

Two nice photos up of some Dogtooth and Pompano up in the Photo Gallery »

Best Christmass Wishes to all Spearfishingsa visitors from John and Guy.

(12-Dec-04) Boat Capsize 90km out at Sea on the Lazuras banks

The group was made up of Bryan Gale, Craig Harper, Justin Keyser, Mark Keyser and John Little. Five spearfishermen hoping to shoot some big dogtooth tuna on the Lazuras Banks, where some 80kg plus fish have already been landed. The boat hired was a 33-foot ` T ` Cat skippered by Steve Liversedge operating out of Pemba, Northern Mozambique. Read the whole story here »

(30-Nov-04) End of the month again

Its the end of the Month again, Johns Monthly Report is up as usual.

Nice to hear from Ant Dunne, he sent us a short report on Spearfishing off the coast of Saudie Arabia

News from Port Elizabeth Report by Gletwyn Rubidge

The month has seen improved catches by fishermen and spearos. Earlier this month some good thermoclines brought in good fish such as red steenbras, bank steenbras, cracker, soldiers and red stumpnose. Large shoals of cape knifejaw were to be found on most reefs but these have since moved off as warm clean water driven in by a week of westerlies displaced the cool water. The clear warm water (around 19 – 22 degrees) is not good for spearfishing and few fish have been around over the last week. Shoals of garfish can be seen jumping when boats approach. Fishing news is that there were a lot of geelbek on RIY banks but night fish. Some nice cracker, white steenbras and yellowtail were seen at St Francis earlier in the month »

(17-Nov-04) Big yellowtail at Ifafa

Darrell Hattingh gave a short report of some nice Big yellowtail at Ifafa, also just added a nice underwater pic of some Silver Steenbras in the Photo Gallery »

(12-Nov-04) Humpback Whale Rescue

Dr Gletwyn Rubidge and Mark Jackson freed a humpback whale that had become entangled in rope and buoys. This is the story »

(31-Oct-04) October Monthly report

October has been a fairly quiet month as far as spearfishing goes, the monthly report is up here, also some new photos up in the Gallery of some really impressive fish »

(29-Oct-04) Dive Report for Weekend 23/24 October by Warren Bennett

Friday evening I dived Umhlanga, water cold and viz 2m, no fish at all except for a small Potato Bass, which seems to have become resident. Saturday morning dived Ramsgate, water cold and n-s current quite strong. No fish at all, no Garrick on the point despite there being Shad around. Viz was 6-8m. Saturday lunchtime dived Shelly Beach area, again no fish and bad viz with cold water on top with ice cold water on the bottom, current n-s. Saturday evening, dived Umhlanga again, lots of bait around (redeye's, mazzie's, etc), no snoek or garrick with them. No bottoms around despite the water being clean 8m, current n-s and temps around 19deg »

(22-Oct-04) Some big tuna taken off Cape Point

Some big tuna have been shot off Cape point, also some nice Cuda shot during the Sardine run, photos on the Photo Gallery »

(15-Oct-04) Diving Report for Port Elizabeth Area by Gletwyn Rubidge

PE conditions improved this month with quite a bit of good weather and water. There have been a few rather small yellowtail at the point. A few good easterlies got things going a bit better with some reef fish such as small cracker, poensies, bronze bream, red steenbras, yellowbellies, and bankies coming out. The cracker are not yet here in force but they should arrive in the next month or so. Sharks have been exceptionally scarce. Squid are showing up and some good catches have occurred. Geelbek have not showed up around the point but some good “nightfish” came out on the RIY banks a week ago. Bonito and tuna are not showing up. No further trips to the current have been made but plans are being made to do a few in the summer.

New photos in the Gallery

There are a few new pics up in the gallery »

(30-Sep-04) Septembers Monthly Report

The September Monthly Report is up with news from the moth »

(09-Sep-04) Results of the Freedivers Classic

The Freedivers Classic 2004 was held at the Damme on Saturday, James Lawson-Smith sent us a write-up.

News from the Port Elizabeth area by Gletwyn Rubidge

There has still been a lot of wind here especially westerlies – that’s why the weather along the Natal coast was fairly settled in August. On this side there have been a few cracker up to 12 kilos coming out along with bankies, poenskop, red stumpnose, bronze bream, and the odd yellow tail. On a dive to the RIY banks only a few small tail were taken and a few bottom fish. Dave Hudek got a fine 20.5-kilo tail at Thunderbolt. We have had some good water lately but have had to generally scratch for fish. Sharks have been scarce but should start showing up soon again. Apparently a few big tuna were caught off St Francis in early August. No tuna were speared inshore so far in PE this year – probably the fact that the sardines ran well in Natal might have had some influence – no lingering shoals were spotted in this area from early July till present »

(31-Aug-04) Report Back from Northern Mozambique

Interesting Report from John on his recent trip to Mozambique

Guinjata Bay Spearfishing Competition

Guinjata Bay Resort near Inhambane in Mozambique, are holding an Individual Bonanza Species Spearfishing Competition. The comp runs from the 4 October to the 8 October and there is a R15000.00 first prize on offer. For full details phone 013 – 7412795 or 0832836918. There e-mail is

Monthly Report

The Monthly report for August is up here. Also a few new photos up in the Gallery »

(04-Aug-04) Photos in the Gallery

We have quite a few new photos in the Gallery, thanks all you sent them in.

This document is the pdf zonation of the Greater St Lucia Wetalnd Park. It is pretty self explanitory, one implication is that it seems people will not be able to launch from Cape Vidal? We will try and keep you updated with any other news »

(02-Aug-04) News from July

Thanks very much to Kevin Daly for the July monthly report, John has been in Mozambique for the month so we should have some news from there when he gets back.

We have quite a few new photos for the Gallery which i should get up in a day or two »

Action in the Sards

A report back from Darrell Hattingh over the weekend was that there was plenty of action down the South coast with the Sardines. Darrell landed a nice 30kg Kob and Rod Cerff a 22kg Cuda. There was also plenty of shark action as there normally is with the Sardines.

Two new Photos in the Gallery Zuraida and Ismail.

Short intro to Mabibi Point with and aeerial Photo »

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