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(21-Dec-06) Second Open Trial – 6 December 2006

The second open trial was dived by Southern Natal, Natal Midlands and Natal. Twenty-two spearos took part and the trial was dived over 6 hours on Deep Scottburgh. Visibility was 6 to 8 metres on the bottom with lots of suspension in the water. The top water was warm but a thermocline meant colder water on the bottom that got colder as the day progressed with a north-south current. Plenty of fish about but a battle to find the different species for some of the divers. Good catches weighed-in as can be seen from the results elsewhere on the site. xls We uploaded the results here

Rob Allen Gamefish Challenge

The Rob Allen Gamefish Challenge is going to be held in Struisbaai on the 28 january 2007, you can download an entry form here

(19-Dec-06) Photo Gallery Updates

We were sent more photos and have updated the Photo gallery.

Well done to Basie Ackermann who bagged a 45kg Sailfish at Aliwal Shoal to betyter his peronal best in the Gamefish Merit board.

(30-Nov-06) December is here and another year almost gone

We have a report back on Aliwal Shoal by Basie Ackermann, also explains where you can and cant dive, very important for everyone diving in the region.

Johns Monthly Report for November has been posted on the site tonight. As usual it is well worth a read for the news and info.

(21-Nov-06) Some news on the Worlds from Brent Addison

Brent Addison sent an email with info on the Worlds, he would appreciate any feedback;

"I have now received a further communication from CMAS confirming the date and venue for the 2007 Euro/Africa Zone qualifier in Rota (Bay of Cadiz) Spain on 21-22 July as well as the Americas Zone which will be in Venezuela (no venue yet on 7-8th October 2007).

I have attached to this a spreadsheet which lists all the countries who are members of CMAS Spearfishing divided into the three zones and the results for those who went to Worlds 2006. There is also a theoretical figure for the no of countries that will be selected to go to Worlds 2008 in Venezuela based on the formula given in the newly updated CMAS rules, assuming that all eligible countries participate and a maximum of 20 countries is allowed to go to worlds as per this year.

I have confirmed with CMAS that we can participate in any of the three zones in order to try and qualify.

I am sure that those of you who have represented South Africa before at Worlds will be able to provide valuable inputs as to what our best course of action will be given that:

  1. Worlds in 2008 is in Venezuela and so is the Americas qualifying zone in 2007. It is in October which could give the selectors an opportunity to use the results from 2007 Nationals to pick a team.
  2. If we choose to go to Spain then the team must be picked at least 3 months prior to the event (CMAS Rules) which means by mid-APRIL 2007.
  3. Venezuela lies about half way between Equator and Tropic of Cancer and will thus have conditions more familiar to us than Spain which is way above Tropic of Cancer.
  4. To qualify in Europe we need to come in the top 13 from 24 teams and in Americas top 5 from 8."

(14-Nov-06) First trials Results

The excel spreadsheet has the first set of Trials results for the natal teams.

We also uploaded some new photos to the Photo Gallery or some good fish shot in South Africa and even a pic from Chris Ananiadis with two nice yellow belly Rockcod.

(01-Nov-06) A look at October

Adverse weather conditions for most of the month made the inshore seas undiveable. The strong north easterlies made for rough surf conditions and the heavy rains forced most river mouths open. Aliwal Shoal was diveable at 12m but south-north currents and the marginal visibility made it not really worth the trip ... Johns monthly report is up.

(26-Oct-06) Spearfishing Nationals History

An interisting table pdf download of the history of the Spearfishing nationals is avilable here, shows the results from as far back as 1961.

(10-Oct-06) Cape Vidal point Dive

Mark Keyser sent us a report back of a stay at Cape Vidal where he was hassled by two Raggies.

(02-Oct-06) Its October Already!

Its October already! the year is whizzing by again for us, John has just posted his Monthly Report for September here.

Spearfishing Ranking in South Africa

This is the SAFA Ranking System which was devised by Johan Jacobs

Jaco Blignault* 100.00 100.00 100.00 99.09 99.06 76.24 95.73 100.00
Niel Barnard* 100.00 91.82 88.65 65.84 67.93 72.25 81.08 84.70
Gyula Plaganyi* 93.01 91.71 72.64 57.93 47.00 32.00 65.72 68.64
John Girzda* # 89.79 84.11 80.01 42.59 50.00 48.69 65.87 68.80
Mark White* 68.49 80.55 59.71 79.31 72.02 75.23
Adrian Kriel 60.22 75.60 67.21 70.45 68.37 71.42
Carl Werner 100.00 32.78 100.00 39.08 67.97 71.00
Angelo Spada 68.45 69.27 83.34 46.48 267.54 279.47
James Lawson-Smith 69.50 67.28 65.99 52.03 254.80 266.16
Darren Hannah 39.64 57.38 63.69 72.82 233.53 243.94
Hein Eksteen 37.21 85.92 47.04 47.19 217.36 227.05
Kurt Roberts 51.91 53.82 42.94 61.85 210.52 219.91
Graham Carlisle 27.18 40.57 43.79 78.92 190.46 198.95
Jethro McCarthy 19.22 44.57 59.93 43.32 167.04 174.49
Pieter Dreyer 22.58 40.20 64.88 27.04 154.70 161.60
* Top-10 finishers during last 2 Nationals eligible for selection for Worlds
# Stillbay National results not taken into account


Some q uestions answered about Spearfishing

With a lot of discussion on Spearfishing at the moment and many concerns and questions like the article “Is Spearfishing in Crises”. The SAFA Committee tried to help answer some of these about the administration of the Sport with this article.

(16-Sep-06) Hunting Bluefin Tuna

Christopher Burke shot a 204 kg Bluefin Tuna off Greymouth on Sunday 6th August and he sent us his story of the days hunting.

Over the last few weeks we have been sent some really nice photos which we have now uploaded into the gallery. Thanks to all those who sent for sharing.

(11-Sep-06) Boat given away!

Etienne, Rudi, Johan and Ray with their new boatWell done to Etienne, Rudi, Johan and Ray on their new boat and many thanks to Clive Hockly for his generosity, deeds like like this really bode well for the spearfishing community.

"Good day,

I am a local spearo from the Durban area...... I have been looking for some time for a boat like this and am quite desperate.   I have a motor and have been fixing it up over the last few months.  I do not mind the work, and my spearo buddies will also jump in.  It won’t just make one spearo ecstatic but a group of four of us that dive together. We generally do swim out through the surf, but it ends up costly as equipment gets lost and damaged at times.  This will become a well known Icon at sea should we get it.

Etienne, Rudi, Johan and Ray"

(01-Sep-06) Spring Day! Johns Monthly report has just been posted

"Strong north easterly winds and rough seas generally spoiling conditions along the natal coast for much of the month. This type of weather was normal for August ... "

(29-Aug-06) Is Spearfishing in South Africa in Crisis?

"We will not be sending a team to the World Spearfishing Championships in Portugal in April to be competed for by the top 20 nations in the world"
Brent Addison writes his concerns with spearfishing in South Africa.

Boat Give Away news!

we have had lots interesting emails and are sorting through them and will be deciding soon.

Return Cuda at Cape Vidal August 2006 by Brett Dickson

"Craig Harper, Mark Keyser and I accompanied John Little on his annual trip to Vidal during the first week of August. Bad weather & big Cuta are what Vidal is known for in August .... "

(18-Aug-06) Boat Give Away!

Clive Hockly, a local lad from Umdloti has been kind enough to offer up his ski-boat as a free gift to some lucky spearfisherman. There are no strings attached. The first spearo to e-mail who is a deserving candidate will drive away with clive's boat. Might need a bit of tender loving care and together with a 15 or 25 horse motor, should see you out enjoying the ocean. If you think you are deserving send one good reason why to

Clive Hockley boat giveaway Clive Hockley Boat Giveaway Clive Hockley Boat Give Away

(02-Aug-06) July news and updates in Johns report

John shares a bit of news on the Sardine no show and The Pietermaritzburg Underwater Club Rock Lobster Competition in his Month end report for July.

(18-Jul-06) New Photos

We received some news photos now up in the gallery from our readers.

(11-Jul-06) Hibiscus Gamefish open 2006

The Hibiscus Underwater Club will be hosting their annual Gamefish Open from Umkomaas mouth to Port Edward lighthouse on 29 July the Weigh-in will be at Rock Bottom pub, Umzumbe. It promises to be a good event, you can download an entry form here.

(04-Jul-06) Majestical Wahoo

Danie sent us his story of a Wahoo shot off Cape Vidal - Wahoo, One Run Wonders truely are majestical fish and its always a good experience to bag one of thes fish.

(02-Jul-06) June Monthly Report

Johns monthly report for June is up here.

New photos in the gallery, thanks to all that sent their pics through.

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