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(08-Dec-09) Gamefish Masters

Well done to Alister Louw who added 2 fish, a 42kg Sailfish and a 48kg Dogtooth Tuna to his Gamefish Merit board

The Rob Allen Gamefish Challengee 2010 iss going nto be held at Struisbaai on the 30th Jan 2010. You can get an entry form here.

News from Coffs Harbour, Summer seems to be on its way there with some good fish being taken, Mark has more here.

Eric and Alister are offering a spearfishing experience like no other at Latham Island, here is their pitch.

(02-Dec-09) November 2009

A slow November on the shoal according to Basie, but as always his report back makes for good reading.

Unsettled seas, cold and dirty water all over the coast, there are still some fish coming out but summer still hasnt hit us properly. John has more in his report.

(21-Nov-09) New Spearfishing Club

A new Spearfishing Club (Blue Spearos) has been formed in the Cape by veteran diver Faiz Abrahams.

The Blue Spears has grown steadily over the past 6 months to a solid 50 active members and growing every week. They even have members from Mossel bay. If you are looking for a club there email them at

We got some new photos in the gallery and also a good new trip report back from Danie Hyssteens of a Sodwana trip.

(08-Nov-09) Aliwal Shoal and Coffs harbour

News of Aliwal Shoal from Basie and Mark sent through news from Coffs harbour too.

(01-Nov-09) November

Another year has just about wizzed by, John has his news and review up for October 2009...

(28-Oct-09) Cracker time

Andries Linnow & Ashley Willcox got some nice cracker down in East London, photo in the gallery ...

(14-Oct-09) Border Open 2009

The Border Open 2009 competition was recently held, Paul Toich sent us a rundown of the events ...

(07-Oct-09) More September News

Things are quite down under too ... Mark sent through thye news from Cofffs harbour. Basie has bits of news from Aliwal shoal as well.

(05-Oct-09) September News

They say 'better late than never' my apologies for getting Johns report up so late, we have vodacoms poor coverage over northern Zuluand to thank for that. Anyway here it is ...

(13-Sep-09) Aliwal

Strong winds and few fish seem to be the order of the day through August, Basie sent a report back on the shoal for August

(04-Sep-09) Coffs Harbour Australia

Mark has news from down under at Coffs Harbour again, these reports always make for some interesting reading about the happenings in our sport.

(02-Sep-09) News from August

Some good fish shot in August - John has more in his monthly report.

(31-July-09) News from July 2009

News from both sides of the earth, Mark has sent in news from Coffs harbour and Basie sent news from Aliwal Shoal.

Paul Toich shot two nice bankies in the East London area which we have uploaded to the photo gallery.

Border Open 2009

The border open 2009 Spearfishing challenge is to be held at Hole in th Wall in the wild coast on the 3rd of October. You can download the entry form here.

(31-July-09) July 2009

Clean settled seas were the order of the day for most of July ... John has more in his report

(24-July-09) Mission Possible! A 60m dive!

To be able to swim down to sixty meters in unfamiliar waters where sharks are present and then manage to successfully shoot a fish and come up again is a truly amazing feat, read more about this amazing dive by Trevor Hutton

Freedivers Gamefish Merit Board

Well done to Mark Rogotzki who made the FreeDivers Gamefish Merit Board with Four good fish.

(14-July-09) Aliwal

We have had some really good and realy bad days at Aliwal in June, Basie sent us the low down.

(08-July-09) FreeDivers Gamefish Merit Board

Shane Breedt of Freedivers has generously agreed to sponsor the Gamefish Merit Board to the tune of R5000.00. Any spearfisherman from Africa experienced enough to land all ten gamefish species at or above the specified weights will receive R5000.00 worth of Freedivers gear. A great prize!

(04-July-09) Merit Board Entry

Well done to Grant Mitchell for making the Merit Board with 3 good fish.

John has sent through a report back on the month of June's happenings, still a no show in KZN with Sardines ...

Coffs Harbour news from for the Month of June from Mark is up as well.

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