2008 World Championship update from Mark Jackson


The guys have some good scouting under the belt and things are going well. They are diving in 30 Degrees of water with 40 degrees on land. They are even battling with the usual 3mm suits and some have already sourced lycra pants to dive in as their suits are just too warm. Dehydration is the main factor when diving with a suit that is to warm and this will obviously limit your dive time and ability. They have scouted all zones but would obviously like to get as much under the belt as possible.

They had the luck of diving for 2 days with the actual Venezuela team that will be competing at worlds. They where very impressed with our teams diving ability and the gear that we are using.

Gyula said that they where amazed at our gear from our main suppliers being; Freedivers, Rabitech, Rob Allen and Spierre. It just shows you that our SA products are among the best in the world.

The water is crystal clean with NO SHARKS so the guys are able to explore at ease that no 6m great white will give them a visit.

Some good fish have been speared including some Greater barracuda, tarpon, couta, kingfish and snappers, just to mention a few. The guys are diving really well so the large amount of training before hand is paying off.

There is the choice of diving in the shallow water or going really deep. Some teams are scouting in excess of the 40m mark!

Our guys have found good accommodation with good food which can be a problem when spending a long time in a foreign country. They also have a good wooden boat with two 40hp motors which they are using for scouting. So all in all they are safe and organized.

Teams are flying in all the time with about 7 teams already there. New Zealand and Croatia are landing this weekend with about 9 divers per team.

Things are definitely starting to hotten up as the teams all start moving in for the last leg of the scouting. We are not 23 days away from the start of the event and 30 days away from the actual dive.

Good luck gents!

Photos courtesy Mark Jackson

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