Americas Spearfishing Zone Qualifier - 2007

The Americas Zone Qualifier will be held at a place called Higuerote in the Province of Miranda in Venezuela from 3rd to 8th October 2007. This is about 100Km east of the capital Carracas.

To be eligible for the World Spearfishing Championships in 2008, also taking place in Venezuela, South Africa needs to place in the top 5 of this competition.

For the World Spearfishing Championships only 20 countries are allowed to take part out of a possible 35 countries, hence the zone qualifiers and competition is very stiff amongst the 35 countries vying to make it into the top twenty places.

If any of our readers can read and interpret Spanish, please could they get in contact with Brent Addison ([email protected], mobile +27 (0)823222750) as we need to have a few small sections related to the competition translated from their web-site.

Also if anyone knows what the diving conditions are likely to be there along the Venezuela coast, we would love to get advance warning of this.

Finally Spearfishing South Africa is appealing to any likely sponsors to help so that we can afford to send a team to this important event. Please contact Brent if you can help or know of a company or individual who can. Spearfishing is an extreme sport and environmentally is the friendliest way to the ocean of harvesting fish. This type of extreme image might be what some cutting edge companies are looking for to promote their products.