Report – Aliwal Shoal December 2006 by Basie Ackerman

December was a month of extremes. Visibility ranging from 6m to 30m, wind speed of 35 knots with heaps of rain to glassy; humid and sunny days . Dirty river water and purple “Mozambique” water. No current to screaming north south. At least that kept the water clean. Every day was a lucky packet. Only two things were constant – temperatures of 24-26 degrees Celsius, and the lack of game fish in general.

There were a few exceptions though, especially towards the end of the month, with some Iggies coming out in the 25-42 kg range, and Andy Norton & co bagging the first Shoal cuda of the season on the 26th, with a couple of 10–12 kg ones thrown in. Good news was that they were coming through in groups. Hopefully a good season awaits us. Some smaller Wahoo and small Dorado were around on the right days, and as always the sailies still ever present.

Not a great month on the Shoal overall, but with the huge improvement in conditions and water temperature, things are pointing in the right direction…