Aliwal Shoal Report January 2007 - Basie Ackerman

Not too much action on Aliwal this month. Average visibility was in the 10-12m range, but there were a few gem days of 25m +, when the current turned onshore and warm water from the Aghallus was being pushed in over the Shoal. Unfortunately most of these were ruined by our best friend Sappi Saiccor, pumping out their millions of litres of “harmless pollution” and in so doing turning the ocean black with a highway +-800m wide and 15-20 km’s long. Bye bye otherwise 25m +viz, hello 1m viz. You can’t help but love them. Ever since they extended the pipeline, it now sits right in the path of this warm fish bearing current.

Temperatures on the surface ranged from 23-26deg, but the problem was that we had a lot of days with cold upwelling, always after a beastly easterly.  Cold water of 19 degrees pushing up, and the visibility dropping to a green 8m. Which would have been okay for cuda, had they been there. BIG absence of those this month. Probably all getting shot out by the North Coast boys before they have a chance to get here.

There were a few reports of cuda coming out, both on fishing and spearing boats, and all small at that. Gerhard Vosloo and co. had a good day on the 28th with a bag of nine fish, consisting of cuda, dorado, tuna and a kingie. Couple of Dorado in the right warm conditions, and the only steady ray of sunlight was the presence of Ignobilis.  Some good size Iggies in the 30kg range came out, with Emil reporting big shoals in the 10-20kg range as well. He and Shane Sitting Bull Oberholzer also reported a +-60kg Stripey on one of those perfect days.

Some reports of snoek activity inshore, but the muddy waters made it impossible to try and look for them.