Brent Addison - President (SAUFF) “State of the Nation” letter May 2007

Hi All

Now that the Nationals is over I think it is appropriate to provide a summary of the “State of the Nation” as far as SAUFF is concerned to all our members “whoever they are” see below.

Firstly congratulations to Southern Cape on their hosting of another successful National Championships. I believe it was successful because:

  1. We did have one diving day which led to a result.
  2. The sponsors prizes were awarded to the winners (not by a lucky draw)
  3. The functions were well organized
  4. The accommodation was good
  5. There was a very good turnout of 26 teams including two teams from Russia for which we owe a big debt of gratitude to John Little.
  6. There were no serious injuries, even though Transvaal had a very nasty incident during scouting.

Thank you Southern Cape and particularly Rudolf and Lizelle and helpers and James Lawson-Smith for his behind the scenes work.

On the downside:

  1. Communications were extremely difficult as the venues were widely distributed.
  2. Rules were broken
  3. Decisions were made without proper consultation
  4. Only one day out of five was considered dive-able
  5. There were major issues raised about the disposal of the fish

Congratulations to the winners.

At the SAUFF AGM held during the week, a number of important decisions affecting the future of SAUFF were made. In summary these were:

  1. The name of the body controlling Spearfishing in SA was changed from SAFA (SA Freedivers Association) to SAUFF (SA Underwater Fishing Federation. This is in line with international trends and we believe that it will give us a more “user friendly” face when dealing with the myriad of problems facing our sport.
  2. The new SAUFF Executive Committee was elected consisting of:
      1. Brent Addison    -           President
      2. Vice President   -           Vacant
      3. Ross Crouch     -           Secretary
      4. Hester Harmse  -           Treasurer
      5. Shane Breedt    -           Public Relations & Competitions Officer
      6. Corrie Versluis   -           Records Officer
  1. The General Committee of SAUFF is the above plus two delegates from each of the Affiliated clubs/unions. If you are one of the delegates for your area, please ensure if you have an e-mail address, it is listed on the group called SAFA_COMMITTEE which is maintained by Greg Lewis Monto.
  2. If you are not a delegate but want to be kept informed of what is happening in your sport, make sure your e-mail address is on the SAFA_LIST grouping.
  3. SAUFF agreed to send an SA team to the EURO/AFRICA ZONE QUALIFIER to be held in Rota CADIZ – SPAIN in July (see below for team names). Again here I would appeal to anyone who can help find sponsors to help our team to please contact either myself or Mark Jackson or Shane Breedt.
  4. If this team comes in the top 12 or 13 then they will qualify us to send a team to the 2008 World Championships to be held in Venezuela in the first week of June.
  5. There was some debate about how SAUFF should be funded. No conclusion was reached, but your new committee will be putting forward proposals for the on-line registration of all spearfisherman and clubs. The benefits of this system will be outlined at the same time.
  6. The hosting of next years Nationals was awarded to KwaZulu Natal Midlands and they are planning to hold the event in June at Sodwana Bay.
  7. Many changes were made to the old SAFA Constitution and the new version, updated from that handed out at Knysna will be sent out shortly and posted on the websites. Besides the SAUFF RULES and REGULATIONS 2007 which were published inn the competition brochure, which will again be updated we intend to devise and publish rules for membership, claiming of records, award of trophies, selection of SA teams and the maintenance of the SAUFF Ranking System.
  8. Lastly on the subject of finance, after paying the entrance fee for our team to the Zone Qualifier SAUFF will have a negative bank balance. Since it is not possible to run a National Body efficiently without money, SAUFF will have to consider disbanding if a solution cannot be found soon.

The team to represent SA at the Zone Qualifier was announced at the prize giving dinner as:

            Gyula Plagianyi (Capt.) -           Southern KZN
            Jaco Blignaut                 -           KZN
            Mark Jackson                -           EP
            Gletwyn Rubidge (Res)   -           EP

Later Jaco Blignaut pulled out and Angelo Spada was selected as Reserve. We wish them well. Please give them whatever support you can.

I have asked Ross Crouch and he has agreed to represent SAUFF on all matters and committees related to the conservation and legislative aspects of our sport. The committees include but are not limited to SALMA, ORI, MCM, Natal Sharks Board, Aliwal Forum etc. If you are aware of any others or issues that may affect our sport, please contact Ross.

It is our intention to seek affiliation to the SA SPORT ANGLERS AND CASTING CONFEDERATION, more specifically to the SA FEDERATION OF SPORT AND SEA ANGLERS, who we believe are the body most closely aligned with our sport. They are an extremely powerful body with many thousands of members, with whom we share the same bodies of water and pursue the same species of fish under much the same legislation. We will still need to retain our ties to the SAUSF (was SAUU) as they are the body affiliated to CMAS.

Brent Addison- President (SAUFF)