Report – 12 July 2005 by Darrell Hattingh

Conditions seem to be coming right after a week or so of undiveable conditions - swell was flattish but murky 2-3 m viz. at most places. All the action was about 2 weeks ago when the garrick came through in mass and 17 fish were speared at Ifafa in one day. The Cutting also produced (just a word of caution guys -the limit is now two per spearo/per day).Spoke to Roy Jackson last night who has been getting some garrick, Kob and Snoek in amongst the sardines. He also saw two good sized bronze whalers and a 4/5 meter great White in amongst the thick of them diving with Colin Chester- he says it’s the most impressive thing he’s seen underwater(and How!!!).They had seen Kob and Snoek the same dive and had one garrick each.

Yesterday the viz had improved but no sign of Sardines - Richey Rumble and I got in at Mercury home at Hibberdene and swam a big swell surf and ended up at Umfazazane with a screaming southerly current. We got a few nice bugs and a 5 kg catface Rockcod. Widenham was much cleaner and Shane Oberholzer speared a 24 kg Kob. I also saw Mike De Vos with a nice 30 kg daga he shot at Warner beach yesterday afternoon which was one of a pair lying in a gulley.

Jumped in early at the Cutting and swam down from Isipingo side - viz was excellent with the swell still jacking a bit but no gamefish despite lots of shad and Karenteen.

Cheers Darrell