Majestical Wahoo - Danie Diver

Majestical WahooThis day Neptune decided to give me the the experience that few spearfishermen are blessed with in their entire spearfishing careers.

It was one of the most beautifull days in Zululand on the sea at Cape Vidal. Being at this spot always gives me a sence of being one with nature, and this was to be one that I will never forget. We had a slight south north current and it was dead quiet, no fish about. Having experienced this before I felt that the situation must turn sometime soon. A lonely remora was keeping me company as I drifted on the outside edge off the deep ledge on sand at Leven Point. Having the remora around I felt the company of something sharky, but I felt relaxed in a strange way.

I was doing another dive sitting on my flasher at 10 meter, when all of a sudden, out the corner of my vision, a movement caught my eye. I looked and saw in midwater this shape of a gamie coming into view. At this point I couldn’t distinguish the fish between a cuda or a wahoo. As he came closer I started stalking him from the bottom. He started going shallower with me trying to get into his blindspot. He allowed me to get closer, but not getting behind in the spot.

When he reached the surface I decided this was my chance, and aimed at the biggest part of the body as I was too make the shot upwards. I pulled the trigger and then all hell broke loose. It took off like a steamtrain, my buoyline running over the back of my head. First to go was my mask and I grabed in desperation, the next moment my bouy hit my hand. I had never experienced this strengh before in my life and with adrenalin pumping I was shouting to the boat “I’m on, I’m on!!”, as I was being towed along.

The run took sometime and when he stopped I started pulling my line in. Another run followed, but not with the same intensity. Closer and closer I pulled in the line till eventually I saw him. I couldn’t believe my eyes, the fish was bearly hanging on a piece of skin. The spear had pulled right through. Now I knew this was not going to be easy, and the chance of losing this trophy was very real. He was alight with the dark stripes on his body and I could see he was not about to just give up.

I dived down to grab his tail, I couldn’t get my hand around it! I contemplated the situation, keeping the tension on the line. I dived down again and grabbed on with both hands. I knew I had him when I got my left hand into his gills. I quickly relieved him and came up to see the boat right next to me.

Jubilation and disbelief is an under statement as Craig hauled him into the boat. Having had this experience with people who share the same passion and commitment made this experience so much more special and one that I will never forget. I am truly blessed.

Danie diver