Spearfishing Nationals 2005


The Results can be downloaded here on a Excel Spreadsheet.

Dates and Area

This year Nationals was hosted by Southern Natal from the 15 to 18 June 2005. The three diving areas were: Port Edward to Ramsgate, Ramsgate to Port Shepstone, and Port Shepstone to Hibberdene.


The teams that arrived early to scout the diving areas did not have much luck with the weather or the sea conditions. Some teams made the effort to allow 10 days for scouting before the Nationals but the whole area was undiveable for much of this period and these teams dived Deep Scottburgh instead. When it was diveable a big swell made for difficult conditions and only marginal visibility was found at best.


Teams woke up to a strong south-westerly on the morning of the 15 with no hope of diving that day but with the possibility of some good water being pushed inshore by the strong winds. Big surf came up the coast with the strong winds and the 16 dawned with huge surf pounding the Natal coastline making it impossible to hold the competition once again.

Day One

The decision was taken to move the competition area to Deep Scottburgh with Park Rynie to Umkomaas River being the borders for the competition. This decision was taken due to poor inshore conditions along the lower south coast making the previously chosen areas undiveable. This favours the Natal teams and it will be interesting to see what feed back there is from this decision.

The Competition

The visibility was fair on the first day, 10m on the bottom, with not much current to worry the contestants. Some good bags were weighed in with John Girdza`s sailfish being the fish of the day. This fish was shot off Widenham in 30m of water.

Day Two

With poor conditions continuing in the official dive area, day two was once again dived on Deep Scottburgh where excellent conditions made for good spearfishing. Once again good catches were brought to the weigh-in with a garrick and a couple of cuda included in the catches.

New Rules

With the new Sea fisheries rules being in place regarding the ten fish per person per day limit, competitors were limited to one fish per species in the ten fish bag limit and the maximum weight was moved up to 5kg.


This year 16 teams took part in Nationals with the top three teams being; 1. Natal A, 2. Natal B, 3. Natal C. Conditions were good on both days and some good bags were weighed-in. The full list of results are elsewhere on the site.