Paradise Reef

Paradise Reef is situated directly out to sea from `Boys Town` on the North coast coastal road. The metal walkway over the road just about divides the reef in half as you walk onto the beach. The reef is made up of three ledges that lie parallel to the beach with the last ledge lying in about 8m, with the top of the reef just below the surface on the low tide. It is an interesting dive when conditions allow as the ledges are full of caves and deep cracks that shelter some good fish. It was named Paradise Reef in the early fifties by the pioneering spearfishermen who first dived it, as it was a relatively safe dive and provided some good bags of fish. In those early days there were only bush tracks up the north coast, and it was an adventure in itself just getting to these spots. Add to this the fact that the word shark still sent most people into a cold sweat and you will realize that these pioneer divers were real adventurers braving the unknown for the love of spearfishing.

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