75kg Blue Marlin Speared at Sodwana Bay as told by Ryan Berry

On tuesday 30 january 2001, myself and a few other members of coral divers staff went spearing at a place called "The High Spots". It is 31m to the sand and the reef slowly makes it`s way up to 18m. This is a very good place for big gamefish. It is situated between 2mile and 5mile reefs and is quite a long way out to sea.

There were a few delays on the way down to the beach, which was all meant to happen l guess. The worst delay of all, which turned out to be to my advantage, was that our top man had never driven a boat. I chose to stay on the boat with him and teach him how to drive as we were on the super cat, which is a difficult boat for a beginner to handle.

Once he was comfortable, l threw my flashers over and got in. I loaded my gun(1.4 double rubber Rob Allen), turned to my flasher and there it was. The marlin was slowly swimming past my flasher on the surface when l placed my shot. It was a good shot below the dorsal fin. The first thing l did was shout to another diver to get on the boat and take over. I was taken to my buoy in seconds(45m line). I shouted for a second unloaded gun and a second buoy line and buoy. I clipped the buoy line on and let the fish run.

I loaded the second gun and followed the fish while remaining in the water. After about 45mins the fish had died and was lying on the bottom in about 25m. I was too tired to go down and lift it, so asked another diver to go and put a second shot into the fish.

With two spears in the fish, l pulled it to the surface and boated it. Only that night when l weighed the fish did we realize that it was a blue marlin. If l had known before hand l would not have let anyone else put a second shot in.