SAUFF affairs from the Exec Committee – Letter from the Chairman July 2007


a. Euro/Africa Zone Qualifier

We were well on the way to sending a team to this event in Spain in July. Entry acknowledged by organizers. 100% of entry fee paid. CMAS license cards received. Team raising money and ready to go, SA colours applied for via SASCOC.


Our team came 9th at this event out of 17 countries thus we will automatically get an invitation to compete in next years Worlds (see below)

b. Worlds - 2008

Next year in Venezuela in first week of June. If we come in the first 12 or 13 in the Zone Qualifier, we will be invited to send a team to Worlds. Since it will be held only weeks after next National Championships, it will be necessary to hold National trials, which will probably be scheduled for February 2008. GP to arrange.

c. Other Continental Championships

CMAS sanction many so called Continental Championships which are in effect OPEN Championships and any of our members who are also registered and receive CMAS registration numbers (license) which cost Euro 4.50 are eligible to dive in any of these Open Continental Championships where the prize money often reaches Euro 10,000. In future we will be publishing a list of these Championships on our various websites.

d. Africa Championships

It was agreed that we would make an application to CMAS to hold an Africa Championship. As part of our application we would be required to pay a fee of Euro 1750 and it would be at least 2 or 3 years before we could hope to be considered. It would be some time before the state of SAUFF finances would be sufficient to pay the application fee.


Gyula has brought back info that we may be considered as hosts for the 2009 Euro/Africa Championships. This would give us a wonderful chance to win an International Championship and may lead to the possibility of hosting a World Championship in the next decade. We will discuss the implications of this next week.

SA Nationals

    1. Policies and Procedures

BA was drawing up a set of Policies and Procedures which are based on those used by CMAS to allocate a competition to a particular National Federation. A member of SAUFF who was allocated the opportunity to run a National Championship would be required to comply with these policies and procedures. This would apply retrospectively to Natal Midlands who had been allocated the right to run 2008 Nationals at Sodwana Bay.

    1. Rules

The Rules as published in the 2007 brochure were now in reasonably good shape. A few minor modifications coming out of the 2007 nationals would be made by BA. What was required was to ensure that these rules were strictly enforced at next years Nationals.

    1. Team/Individual

It was agreed that these should be two separate competitions and that at next years Nationals there should be 2 days allocated to the Individual event and 2 days for the team event. Different rules would apply.


    1. SA Federation of Sport and Sea Anglers

BA had made an application for affiliation and it turned out that John Pledger, the Federation President was an old friend. He had readily agreed to our affiliation and we were in process of complying with their membership requirements. This association will help to provide us with Government and Lotto funding, sponsorships and discounts from a much wider range of suppliers, a powerful lobby to all government institutions, a much closer tie to ski-boat and other sea angling clubs, including inter division competitions and a sharing of facilities.

    1. SAUSF

We will continue to be a member of the SA Underwater Sports Federation (was SAUU) as they are the body directly affiliated to CMAS. It is also through them that our link exists to SASCOC who award SA Colours but angling can help us in this regard as well.  

    1. CMAS

CMAS is the World Diving Federation who have exclusive control over World Championships, Zone Qualifiers and Continental Championships. We are now in direct communication with Antonio Cruz – President of the Underwater Fishing Federation of CMAS and Patrick Denier who is the Secretary of CMAS.

  1. Public Relations
    1. Angling Magazines

SB with help from RC would tackle this issue. To date they have declined to publish anything about our sport.

    1. Web Sites

SB agreed to get “Alex” to set up a website for SAUSF. The existing websites could then be linked to this to facilitate the transfer of information to our members.

    1. Video

SB would approach Barret Harvey in this regard. They were already in process of making a training video for underwater fishing.

    1. News Media

We need to be in a position to counter any negative publicity, but must become proactive in seeking positive news coverage for our sport. At all times we must promote the fact that it is the most eco-friendly method of fishing and one of the most extreme sports in the world and if we receive enough support we could win a World Championship in the near future..

    1. SAUFF Logo & Letterhead

BA had authorized Darryl Hattingh to come up with a logo design for SAUFF..

  1. Procedures and Rules
    1. Rules
      1. Rules for Application for Individual and Club Membership

BA has drafted a set of rules to be ratified at next committee meeting and thereafter to be included on the web site along with an application form and a means by which members can join using a credit card via the Internet.

      1. Rules for SA Interprovincial UW Fishing Championships

In reasonably good shape. Minor amendments to be proposed by BA.

      1. Rules for the Application and Ratification of Underwater Fishing Records

CV would draft.

      1. Rules for the Award of Trophies and Prizes

SB to draft. SB to get old trophies from Chris West.

      1. Rules for the Selection of National Teams

Gyula Plaganyi to Draft

      1. Procedures and Rules for Other Competitions organized under the auspices of SAUFF

BA to modify existing

      1. Rules for the maintenance of the SAUFF Ranking List

CV and MJ to draft based on existing on website.

    1. Constitution

Now in reasonably good shape. BA to send to websites for publication.

  1. Any other business

SAUFF Documentation.

It appears that at this point almost the entire history of SAUFF has been lost. We have no records of past SA teams, Results obtained at World Championships, National Results except the winners back to 1961 and the records for the last few years, minutes, Committee members, etc. Hopefully, somewhere this information still exists. If you can help please contact BA.