Cape Vidal Action by Tim Theunissen

Here is a quick report from the weekend: 17/18 January

Ryan vdr Merwe, Craig Heslop and TimSaturday: I headed up to Leven point early bells with Ryan vdr Merwe and Craig Heslop as crew. Sean O'Connor launched just after us with Wayne Fossil and Ian. The viz at Leven was very good and warm (approx 10-12m), but the moderate westerly put a stop to the N-S current. As a result, the cuta were scarce. I boated 2 x small cutas from the shallow ledge and 1 snoek off shallow Oscar on the way back. Sean and crew stuck it out and found quite a few shoal cuta on the shallow ledge. They ended up with about 8 fish.

Sunday: The NE had blown during the night, but moderated in the early hours of the morning. Raced up to Leven at around 4:30am to find the viz was still good, current was screaming N-S and the water temp possibly a bit warmer than the day before. The cuta were around and after a few drifts we had about 8-x cuta on the boat, all taken off the deep ledge. Green water moved in and we decided to do a drift in about 20m, quite a way off the deep ledge. Water was still warm and clean. I boated 2 nice cuta on that drift, one of 10kgs and another of 15kg that were feeding on the chum (fish guts!) I also saw a bus kaakap of around 12kg that tried to eat a yellowspot kingie I was subduing... Things went quiet and after a few more drifts and chumming in the deep, which yielded nothing, we headed back. There was a big tiger shark moping around Leven, often accompanied by an Ignobilis around 20-30kg, but it never caused any hassles... Sean and crew also boated about 8 cuta, biggest around 13kg taken by Ian.

Most of the cutas were small shoalies around 5-6kg mark, although there were a few around 10, biggest of 15kg. Final Tally: Craig: 3 cuta, 1 snoek, Tim: 5 cuta, 1 kingie, Ryan: 2 cuta.

Happy Hunting,