Latest News from the SA Worlds Team in Venezuela

Teams Arrive for Wolrds

All the teams here now. Is about 23 countries. There is an obvious difference between the top and bottom teams. Some countries (including SA) have fit healthy looking athletes. Some countries have teams of Elephant seals. Some like Chile have 4 foot eight specials with tummies. Looks can be deceptive (or maybe not). I saw a huge guy do a 2.5 minute dive yesterday. We shot out the area yesterday. Landed 300kg quality fish before lunch. All the other teams saw our catch. To put it mildly they were very impressed (but secretly incredulous.) No-one else here even sees what we land.

Plans going well

Moo as usual has an eye for the special fish. He got a 10 kg Grouper plus a 7kg Snapper on top of his Barracuda Yesterday. Jaco as usual swims (kicks continually) - heaven help anyone that tries to follow him in the comp. We caught a 6kg lobster in a cave at 32 meters. They are big and deep here. Never seen a cray that size before. I also saw the little skinny fisherman. He weighs about 50 kg and carries his 75 Yamaha outboard on his shoulders about 200 meters from his shed to his boat every day by himself.. They steal about 20 outboards in Venezuela every week so he has no choice. Moo has a cut on his little toe (should be ok in 3 days) Moo knew a week ago what he wants to do in the comp. He has incredible fish sense (better than anyone I ever dived with ) He is over this scouting thing. He has gained at least 5 pounds and looks very fit now. The comp is quite tricky. Fish could be shallow, deep., in caves or the gamefish could be thick. Strategy will be along the following lines.

Strategies (as South African team heads for top placing)

Day one (6 hour comp in scratch zone)

Dive on 14 small rocks  found in the deep (all 35 to 38 meters) More current just means work harder.  Everywhere else in the zone is a scratch.(70 divers)  However we have scouted and trained for months and am satisfied that all these rocks will be flattened. The Spanish cannot cover all the rocks all the time. Jaco has some shallow cave mining ideas plus a few other plans that are not finalized. Moo will decide on morning of comp. He is unfazed right now. Comp budget is 60 dives of 33 to 38 meters (1 min 20 to 1 min 45 each dive) Fish every 3 dives. Winning catch here estimated at 14 fish by the Marine biologists. 

 Day 2.(5 hour comp in good zone)

We  will be tired. So will target the easy small gamefish in 25 meters for the first 2 hours. (Kingies., Bonito, Rainbow runner, Wahoo, barras) Then 2 hours on a small ledge (1 foot high  in 36 meters) Is like a supermarket. Only issue is to get there before the Spanish (Joseba knows the ledge) Thereafter dive another place to shoot 10 small grunters in 30 meters. Plan B, just target 5 Barras . (we have had enough practice shooting them)

Jaco has a good spot for Rock Salmon elsewhere and this whole comp zone is quite fishy. Moo got a 20kg Cubera here last month. We have to first see if the gamefish are thick before we can rush for caves here. In scouting you can stab the Wahoo with your diving knife (not joking ask Mark) Also a big shoal of resident Barras.

So hold thumbs. We will be having big team plans closer to the time dependant on the water conditions.