Team Selection for World Champs in Venezuela

CONGRATULATIONS to the following athletes. They have been invited by the National selectors to compete in a National Squad Competition. This Trial will be the main selection criteria for the S A team- Margarita Island early June 2008.

National’s results, consistency and the potential to serve the country well in South America were the overriding factors to select the squad.

  1. Adrian Kriel
  2. Angelo Spada
  3. Chris Ananiadis (wild card)
  4. Craig Heslop
  5. Edward Hayman
  6. Gletwyn Rubidge
  7. Graham Carlile
  8. Gyula Plaganyi
  9. Hein Eksteen
  10. Jaco Blignaut
  11. James Lawson
  12. John Girzda
  13. Mark Jackson
  14. Marc White
  15. Niel Barnard
  16. Ryan Burmeister



Entry fee:

Natal divers: R1 500.
Cape Town / PE divers: R 500.

Due 31 October 2007 in SAUFF account.
Must be members of SAUFF by 30 November 2007.


9 to 13 January 2008. (Five days).


3 diving days (six hours each) Day 3 might be 5 hours if held on the last day.


1 diver 1 boat with navigator and skipper allowed. If three people on board, the same fish limits apply as if there were only two.

No diver or Alpha flag distance will be enforced. Divers may dive together on same caves.

Official boat will police competition. Tommy Botha has indicated that he will be on this boat. Will also act as safety boat (medical and SCUBA)


1 per species (1 to 5 kg limit - ungutted) per diver team. Only the competitor maybe in the water and shoot fish. No assistance to diver to land fish, load guns etc. as per CMAS rules. 1 point per kg and 1 point per fish. Mullet and Garfish bonus bait species.

Each days points will be formatted to a percentage. Final positions will be the sum of the 3 percentages.

Boats and skippers will be provided free excluding petrol to all those who need them, If you need a boat written notification by 30 November to Gyula Plaganyi (email ok)

5 GPS marks within each area will be made available to non Natal competitors by Gyula .

No shooting in competition zones from 25 December 2007 inclusive.


Exactly 2 km radius from the following points.

Zone 1             Black Rock      S30 16.382 E30 47.112
         2             Deep                S30 18.078 E30 48.604
         3             Cowrie             S30 18.317 E30 46.421

Infringements of the area will be policed by Patrol boat :
1st time  - warning with confiscation of fish.
2nd time  - disqualification

 The selectors are looking for a dive team that can navigate. Infringements of more than 100 metres will not be viewed kindly and can lead to 1st time disqualification. The same as in World champs, GPS Plotters and sounders will now be allowed.

Fish remains the property of the diver teams. Only 2 fish per species allowed on each boat during competition. 

Sacks and tie straps will be provided. No fish to leave boat without sack.

For more specific rules see CMAS website. These will be provided by 25 December 2007.

The team and travelling reserves will be announced at a dinner function on 13 January 2008.

Thank You

National Selectors

Tommy Botha    [email protected]             076 500 1920
Charl Blignaut    [email protected]    082 808 2274
Gyula Plaganyi   [email protected]           083 227 5255

29 August 2007