Monthly Spearfishing Report December 2010


Despite lots of rain during the month the inshore conditions still diveable. Water temps as high as 25 celsius along some parts of the coast. The northeast wind up to speed on a number of days but the westerly fronts managing to calm the seas and bring in cleanish water. Despite diveable conditions very few bottoms about probably due to the low salinity water not suiting them as a number of rivers have come out along the coast.


The pre-season cuda run providing some spearos with good fish. A 30kg plus fish was caught by a ski-boat off the south coast so there are big boys about. Big natal queen mackerel on the north coast with some of these fish at the 10kg mark. Big tropicals taken on some of the deep water pinnacles after the north easterlies have brought in cold water on the bottom chasing these fish in from the deep. The dorado seem to have gone quiet as not as many taken but this can change from day to day.

Cape Vidal

This excellent gamefish spot producing some cuda and water conditions fair if the current is north south. Still lots of rain falling inland so the Umfolozi river could still be a problem if the current is wrong for any length of time.

Mozambique News

Dave Coetzee was up at Barra recently and reports that diving was excellent. Visibility was good and some very big cuda about over the 30kg mark making for exciting spearfishing. No sharks about on the deep water pinnacles so the long liners must have been active in the area recently as the shark population seemed to be improving. A few years back you never saw any sharks in this area but the long liners lights were evident every night if you took the time to look. They then must have moved elsewhere when catches dwindled and the sharks started to slowly come back as a few months back they were plentiful.

South African National Spearfishing Championships

They are scheduled for the 20 to 26 February 2011 and will be dived in the Struisbaai area along the southern cape coast. An interesting area to dive and not any easy area to land ten different species of fish. Scouting will play an important part as it does for any spearfishing competition and hopefully conditions are good as being a great white shark area it would be foolish to dive in marginal visibility.

Safe diving john little