Monthly Spearfishing Report October 2010


Looks like an early start to the rainy season with plenty of wet weather days during  the month. Once again unsettled weather making for iffy diving conditions but the southerly fronts cleaning up sections of the coast when they blow through. Sea temperatures up to 23c along much of the coast.


Not much to report as not a lot happening. Some natal snoek coming out on the north coast and still the odd daga salmon being landed but things are pretty quiet.

True to oneself

Had a mail recently from a concerned bass angler regarding spearos hunting bass during their peak spawning period when they are easy targets and obviously full of roe. It does not make sense to take fish that are spawning for all of the above reasons and the fact that you are threatening future populations. Spearfishing would be no fun if it was too easy. You need the challenge and uncertainty to make it exciting and enjoyable. That is why I am totally against chumming or any other form of baiting as there is no skill in hunting a creature that is focused on food. Fish behave differently when they are spawning and become a lot less timid and are more focused on the opposite sex than on what would normally be perceived as a threat.

On The Brink

Our oceans are teetering on the brink with over fishing and stock depletion major concerns with regard to fish stocks and the continued viability thereof. By-catch is in a lot of cases more than the actual catch and add to this sea birds, turtles and dolphins dying a pointless death. Makes you glad to be a spearfisherman with no by-catch and a catch method that does not threaten the resource in South African waters.


The pinnacles in southern Mozambique working well for gamefish with cuda, wahoo and sailfish being seen. December the weather becomes more predictable along this section of coast and it can provide spearos with exceptional spearfishing.

Cape Vidal

Leven Point working well for gamefish with some big cuda being taken and wahoo still about. Weather a bit unpredictable but if you get it right you are in for some great spearing

Safe diving, John Little