Monthly Spearfishing Report September 2010


Summer starting to make its presence felt with some very hot and humid days along the coast. Luckily still a lot of southerly fronts coming up from the Cape to cool things down a bit. For diving the windy conditions making for unsettled seas and generally poor conditions along much of the coast. The odd good day with the lower to middle south coast having the pick of the visibility when things were good.


The point divers still getting the occasional garrick but inshore rather quiet fishwise. The wrecks have been providing spearos with some good hunting. Barry Skinstads 55kg daga salmon taken on the wreck of the Nebo a real class fish. Koos Jordaan and his son both landing wahoo over the 40kg mark at Leven Point so definitely worth a visit if you have the time. South Pier producing plenty of cracker and now you are no longer hassled by fishermen a great spot to dive.

Travellers Beware

Here is an interesting report from Brian Carlisle who is now living in China.
I was arrested at the airport on my way back to Beijing from Perth because I had spearguns in my luggage and did not have a "license" for them!! I have travelled all over the world in the past 17 years that I have been spearing and never once had any hassles.....even to the Andaman Islands  and in India where people had never seen spearguns before!!
It was a total mix up to say the least..... so far I have had to pay over $HK10 000 and I still have to fly back down there in 2 weeks time to find out if they are going to charge me! I doubt if I will get my guns back either.......replacement costs will be around R8000 for 3 guns and 8 spears plus the bag!!!
Anyway I hope all turns out OK....I will let you know!
Just spread the word to all and by all means avoid flying with spearguns{even in transit} when going via HK!! Not worth it.... I think you should make all aware, via your site, that if you really have to go there, then a license must be atttained prior to even landing in HK, even in transit----------they class them as firearms and not "underwater fishing equipment.

Safe diving, john little