Spearfishing Links and Resources

South African Spearfishing Equipment and Info

  • Freedivers – manufactures of quality Spearfishing equipment, spearguns,  spears, wetsuits and accessories.
  • Rob Allen / The Dive Factory – equipment manufacturers in Durban known for their rail gun.
  • Orca Apnea products – Manufacturers of Spearfishing, Freediving and Underwater Hockey Equipment.
  • Ocearch Global Shark Tracker Go take a look at where some of the BIG Johnnys are hanging out!
  • Spierre Pure Carbon and Fibre Composite custom built spearfishing and free diving fins.

Spearfishing Websites

  • http://ultimatespearfishing.com – Ultimate Spearfishing Magazine Homepage – This site is a great source of information, has an active forum along with some fantastic articles and the latest news

Spearfishing / Freediving Organizations

Television / Video Productions

  • Rubberscales – Brod Whittaker has produced some of the most amazing South African spearfishing footage. Follow this link and sit back and enjoy!


Regional Links

Kwazulu Natal

Wild Coast and Garden Route

Western Cape and West Coast

  • Sealine Forum – This is a great forum and seems to be used mostly by Western Cape people, a great source of information and reports
  • Freediver Cape Town Facebook Group – Eckart Benkenstein of Freedivers Cape Town has created a Facebook group that has become central place for Western Cape spearos to communicate. If you are in the area join the group and keep up to date with what is happening
  • WC Spearfishing Blog – A relatively new spearfishing blog with Western Cape based content