False Bay Yacht Club moorings


This is not a popular dive site, but it is the base for the biennial Cape Town Dive Festival, and the water is suitable for testing equipment and buoyancy before a boat dive. Access is easy, using the concrete stairways to the north-east of the clubhouse garden at the braai (barbecue) area or the main slipway. Some years there is a coastal cleanup dive on the moorings, and volunteers pick up the junk that has been dropped from the boats at the marina. In the late 2010s, there has not been much to collect, and other venues have been more productive. The yacht club moorings can be an area of heavy boat traffic, and the marina area is off-limits to recreational divers except by permission from the club. Boat owners and crews can get permission to dive in the vicinity of their boats for reasonable purposes such as maintenance, repair, inspection, and recovery of dropped items.

These areas are situated along the South African Coast and are accessible to the public and are known dive locations to the locals from in and around the area, please respect their local fauna and flora, remember limit your catch and don’t catch your limit.