Geldkis Blinder


The dive site Geldkis Blinder is an inshore rocky reef in the North Oudekraal area on the Atlantic seaboard of the Cape Peninsula, near Cape Town in the Western Cape province of South Africa.

A break is usually visible, though at high tide on a good day it may not break. Unfortunately if conditions are at their best, this will be the case. However the site is not difficult to find with a compass. From the gap between Geldkis and Strawberry Rocks, swim out about 40 m bearing 030° magnetic, and you should be over the reef. In good visibility it will be visible from the surface.

Alternatively, dive at the gap, and swim north magnetic until you are obstructed by high reef, then swim around with the reef to your left. It is hard to miss as it is much higher than the surrounding reef.

This site is in the Table Mountain National Park Marine Protected Area since 2004. A permit is required

These areas are situated along the South African Coast and are accessible to the public and are known dive locations to the locals from in and around the area, please respect their local fauna and flora, remember limit your catch and don’t catch your limit.