MV Aster


The wreck’s position is well protected from the south easterly wind, and the depth is conveniently suitable for advanced divers. It used to support a large variety of marine life, and is structurally still fairly intact.

During the preparation of the ship for scuttling, the interior was stripped of most snags and contaminants, and some access holes were cut in bulkheads and topsides, and as a consequence, the wreck is relatively safe for penetration by suitably skilled and equipped divers. Most of the compartments have some opening to the outside, through which light can enter, and only a few compartments are truly dark. This makes it a very suitable site for wreck penetration training. but it may be necessary to clear the edges of the openings of the heavy growth of mussels to make access possible.

These areas are situated along the South African Coast and are accessible to the public and are known dive locations to the locals from in and around the area, please respect their local fauna and flora, remember limit your catch and don’t catch your limit.