North Coast, Grouteville to Tinley Manor


You need a boat to dive these reefs as access is through private farms. There are reefs all over here consisting of ledges running parallel to the beach. They start in 6m and extend out to 20m+. After this there are large flat rock areas with some good spots out to 27m. Start looking for fish in 15m+. Check out our members area for gps marks


A boat is desirable here, but walk north from Tinley north point opposite Umhlali ski-boat club. Quite a walk on the beach, especially back with your fish and rock lobster. Swim out on north side of first rocky point that you come to. Reef extends northwards and starts in 8m going out to 20m+. Some nice ledges with high pinnacles that attract a lot of fish. Gps marks in members area.

Tinley Manor

Tinley Looking South
Take the Tinley Manor turn-off approximately 70km north of Durban. There are 2 points here, North and south points, both good for garrick in winter. South point has some ledges out in 10m slightly south straight out from the car park. You can get rock lobster and the odd fish here.