North Coast, Sheffield to Stud


Take Salt Rock turn-off 60km north of Durban. Follow Sheffield Beach signs to car park at end of road. Christmas Bay is straight out from the steps leading down to the beach. Ledges start just behind backline and go out to 15m. The outer ledge is good for cuda during the run (january – april). The inshore ledges are good for snoek from january to july. The reef extends from the point north of the ledges to the Tinley river mouth, about 5km. Lots of patches of reef that can produce some good bags when the water conditions are right for fish. Reef goes out to 18m with some scattered reef further out.

Salt Rock

Just north of the Salt Rock hotel is a sanded-up tidal pool. The reef, known as Tiffanys, starts off here and extends northwards and goes out to 18m. The drop off is very good for cuda and kingies during the cuda run(january- april). It also attracts a lot of reef fish and dagga salmon are shot here during the winter. Wahoo are also shot here in november. There is another drop-off further north and slightly inshore that is also good for cuda and reefies. The inshore pinnacles are good for snoek.

Stud Rock

On the beach road from Durban, turn right towards the sea at the Tongaat/Westbrook intersection. Follow road to three way stop and turn left down to beach car park. Look south on beach and you will see the remains of a wreck. The reef is straight off here starting in 8m and going out to 20m+ and extending northwards. There are some prominent ledges and drop-offs that are good for reef fish. This is also a good reef for cuda in the season