North Coast, Umhlanga to Durban

Umhlanga Rocks

Umhlanga Rocks looking North
Take Umhlanga turn-off 20km north of Durban. Follow road down to car park at the back of the Beverley Hills hotel. Reefs are slightly south of the lighthouse going out to 13m. They extend south to in line with the beach toilets. There is a car park here aswell. The shallower reef is good for snoek with the deeper reef being good for cuda in the afternoons. There are also some scattered reefs on the north side of the shark nets off the lifeguard tower and some inshore reef here that is good for snoek.

Durban Area

Off Durban you have the No1 reef which can only be dived from a boat. There are pinnacles that come up to 21m, but most of the area is 30m+. When the water is clean this is a great spot to dive. Further north off the Virginia airport is the man-made reef known as the Barge. It consists of the working platform of a floating crane and lies in 27m. Difficult to dive if fishermen are present which is most of the time. Heading north is another man-made reef consisting of a sunken trawler. Depth is 27m to the sand and this spot is good for grunter and kingies. Inshore from No1 reef is a 22m ledge which is good for fish if clean water is found.