North Coast, Zinkwazi through Bodasing to Jex Estate


Approximately 100km north of Durban, Zinkwazi has some good diving spots with lots of reef fish. There is a lot of flat reef here so you need to find some structure with some caves. The reefs out in 50foot+ are the most productive. With the Tugela river just kilometers further north this area does not come clean that often but is worth keeping an eye on if you are in the vicinity. The rocks 1.5km further north known as the boiling pots is good for dagga salmon in the season and a lot of garrick are shot here.


Bodasing lies between Zinkwazi and blythedale and is better dived from a boat as access by road is through private farm land. When out at sea the area can be located by looking for the old abandoned house that is just back from the beach. South of it there is a lot of new house development for Princes Grant`s golfing estate. There is extensive reef in this area with some good fish spots ranging from 10m to 23m.


Blythedale is located approximately 90km north of Durban. The best diving conditions are found after a West when the N.E. has blown lightly pushing in clean water. The best months are May, June, when the calm windless days make for settled seas and clean water. From the main bathing beach swim straight out to sea off the beach toilets. The reef starts just before the shark nets and extends out into 20m+. There are some good pinnacles here which can attract a lot of fish.

Jex Estate

Park at Blythedale and walk 2km south to river mouth. Dive on outside of big rock where surf breaks. Good spot for garrick,snoek,bronzies,brusher. Slightly south and out to sea is the start of some good pinnacles. Reef goes out to 20m+ and extends southwards to Grouteville which is the next point south.