South Coast, Bazely to Mtwalume


The next point down from Sezela is Bazely. There is some 13m reef off the railway bridge at the river. Good for fish and rock lobster. The rocky points are good for garrick during the run.


81km south of Durban, take Ifafa turn-off and follow road to beach car park. The point here is a favourite spot for garrick and snoek and is dived as close as possible to the backline. There is more reef further out, the best spots being off the river mouth in 10m+ going out to 18m. The ledges south of the point are good for brusher during the run, August to November.


86km south of Durban, take turn-off and follow road to beach car park at toilets. The reef starts off the tidal pool and extends southwards and out into 23m. There are numerous good spots here with lots of fish and rock lobster. This is also a good spot for big cuda in april. The point here is good for snoek and garrick. There is also a 21m ledge off the river mouth north of the tidal pool.