South Coast, Park Rynie to Sezela

Park Rynie

Take the Park Rynie off-ramp 60km south of Durban. Turn left and then right at robots. 2km south is the Rocky Bay launch site. King rock is on your right as you face the sea, directly out from the caravan park. Good for garrick,saLmon,snoek,yellow tail,geelbek,brusher. Further north in 12m+ on the north side of the shark nets is ski-boat reef. Good for rock lobster and big cuda in the sardine run.


Go past the Rocky Bay turn-off for 6km. Take the Pennington turn-off and follow pointers to beach car park. The reef is north of the tidal pool and extends from the backline out to 15m+. It runs northwards to the point at pennington ski-boat club. Off the club house in 14m is a sizeable piece of reef with lots of rock lobster and can produce some good bags of fish if nobody has been there for awhile. South of the tidal pool in the bay off the rocky ledges is a patch of reef in 10m+. Good for rock lobster and the odd big spotted and yellow belly.


This is a further 4.5km along the coastal road from the pennington turn-off. Take the Sezela turn-off and follow the road down to the shops. The reef is off here. Starts on the backline and goes out to 18m+. There is a lot of reef here that used to attract a lot of fish. For some reason the big reef fish that used to be found here are no longer attracted to this reef. Still lots of rock lobster and very good for snoek when they are in the area. Some kilometers out to sea off Sezela are the Umzimai pinnacles which come up to 23m. These pinnacles are good for big amberjacks when the water is cold. Fish of 20kg+ are shot here.