South Coast, Ramsgate to Port Edward


Go through Ramsgate and turn left into Frant Drive, 141km south of Durban. This is ski-boat bay. The point on the south side of the bay drops off quite steeply and is good for bronzies,garrick and brusher in the season. Further out the reef starts before the nets and runs southwards in 13m+. There is a good spot towards the south edge of this reef.


Take the Southbroom turn-off and follow the road to the main bathing beach at the lagoon. The rocky points to the south of here are good for bronzies and other white water fish. Further out on the south side of the shark nets is the start of some good reef going out to 21m+ with some big drop-offs and some very fishy spots. On the north side of the nets is the start of some more good reef. This area is best dived from a boat with a good fish finder. The Southbroom turn-off is approximately 146km south of Durban if you do not use the toll road.

Marina Beach to Port Edward

This area includes Trafalgar,Palm Beach,and glenmore. On calm days there is good inshore hunting here with lots of bronzies and other seasonal fish. The reef further out stays shallow for a long time and is mostly flat. Any good reef structure in this area attracts a lot of fish. As for the Banana beach-Umtentweni area, drifts in 15m+ produce good bags of fish.