South Coast, Umzumbe Point to Uvongo

Umzumbe Point

The next prominent point south from Hibberdene is Umzumbe point. This point is a prime spot for garrick and brusher. There is a deeper reef straight out from the point starting in 10m and going out to 20m+. The reef extends northwards and has some good spots for fish. Northwards in the bay going towards the river, there is a rocky shore. The shallow reefs here are good for big rock lobster.

Banana beach to Umtentweni

This area includes Sunwich Port,Southport and Sea Park and has very productive reef along the whole stretch. The 15m+ drifts are the best and this area is known for the large amount of fish that are found here. A particularly good drift is from the Clansman Restaurant heading south in 15m+. Slightly north of the beach access at Sea Park is another good spot in 18m. Banana Beach is 107km south of Durban.

Shelly Beach ski-boat base to Uvongo

Take the ski-boat base turn-off and park at the base,120km south of Durban.Swim out just south of the tidal pool in the bay. Lots of ledges running out to sea into 15m+. The 12m to 15m reef is very good for fish. The reefs carry on towards St Michaels. From St Michaels south to Uvongo is also a good drift. The best stuff is off orange rocks in 15m, some good caves and ledges. On the south side of the shark nets(Uvongo) is the start of some good pinnacles. Further south in 20m+ there is some good reef that attracts fish. North from the Shelly ski-boat launch is a very good dagga spot off the road bridge visible from sea. It is a big rock with lots of caves and cracks and is in 18m. Further north off the shepstone lighthouse there are some good spots in 21m+ heading south.