We received this email from Basie Ackerman highlighting an issue that will be of interest to those that dive Aliwal Shoal:

Hi guys,

You may have heard about this, or not, but bottom line is they are basically going forward unopposed with their proposal, which is to totally ban all types of harvesting from approx. High Rocks (Widenham Point) south to Greenpoint, from high water mark and 7 kms out to sea. That includes the Aliwal Shoal, Nebo total no take zone no shore angling, no shorediving, crayfishing, spearing, fishing whatsoever.

It was started a couple of years ago by – believe it or not by some local Clansthal property owners who have grown tired of the fisherman making a mess on Greenpoint, so in their boredom and tree hugging narrow mind set decided to start the ball rolling. It has been rolling unopposed and gaining momentum as everyone scoffed at the ridiculous idea. Well it is at the proposal stage and KZN Wildlife is very keen for it to happen. There has been meetings with scientist and invited people, but conveniently the user groups which will oppose this was inexplicably left off the list for most of these meetings.

What we need to investigate is how to officially oppose this, so if you know of anyone that can get this going on an official level, please inform them. The KZN Wildlifes contact persons details are listed below, you can get the official story from her.

If you enjoy diving this piece of coast, and the Aliwal Shoal, get off your butt and do some research/investigating/word spreading/opposing. Before it is too late and another one of our constitutional rights has been swept under the green carpet


Contact person for more info on this

Julia Browne
Project Administrator Aliwal Shoal
Tel/fax: 039 9732965
Cell: 0827356042
E mail: jbrowne@kznwildlife.com