I first met Edward at the 1990 spearfishing nationals in Port Elizabeth. We liked each other immediately and maintained a strong friendship over the years. Edward was a great guy to spearfish with and we had lots of exciting adventures together. Edward was a very generous person and was always prepared to help whether it was giving out info on dive spots or giving freely of his vast knowledge concerning spearfishing.

Edward was one of the countries top spear fishermen and represented his country a number of times. Edward was never one to give up and was the type of person that you knew you could always rely on.

Edward was a great snorer and could out snore anyone. I remember one particular trip to Sodwana Bay where it seemed he was practicing for the snorers world championships. It got so bad that he moved his tent onto the adjacent campsite and we all breathed a sigh of relief. This was all taken in good fun of course.
Edward was an extremely positive person and in all the years that I knew Edward I never saw him feeling sorry for himself. Even when he was battling cancer he still managed to maintain a positive outlook on life and never let it get him down.

I had a long telephone conversation with Edward the night before the accident and things were going so well for him.
I am going to miss Edward a lot but knowing how strong he was in life I am sure he would want us to be positive going forward from this tragic and sudden end to his life. R.I.P my friend.