We left on the 4th of July 2012 and after a 10hr journey we eventually arrived at Xora River Mouth. The following morning we got up early to go and see what the launch was like and to check the viz. there was about a 1m swell and about 5-6m viz.

We started diving at Bulungula in about 12-18m. At first there were very few fish around but after scouting around a bit we found some nice reef holding nice Catface and Yellowbelly rockcod as well as Cape Knifejaw, small Black Mussel Cracker and the odd Bankie.

We ended up landing a few nice Rockcod ranging from 3-6kg and after not seeing decent fish we decided to take some outsize Cape knifejaw the biggest being 6.5kg.

The next spot was in front of the houses at Xora River Mouth in about 18-20m. On the first down it was like swimming onto an aquarium with shoals of Black Mussel Cracker, slinger, bankies, Rockcod and the ever present Knifejaws.

The next spot was a clump of bricks out at sea where it breaks on low tide a little bit South from the mouth. With high expectations we were a little disappointed when the biggest fish seen was a shad On the way back to the previous spot we found a shoal of sardines swam around with them for about 30min and saw a big Sailfish but with the water cleaner the further south we went the fish saw us and we couldnt get a shot off in time.

The following day the west started blowing early we wanted to go diving but by 10am it was really howling and we just fished instead.

The rest of the trip was pretty messed up by this westerly as it blew strong for two days picking up the swell to between 4-5m and dropping the viz to zero.

We waited for three days before we went back out to sea to fish only as the water didnt get clean as there was still a 2-3m swell with no current.