STOP DAFF Killing Recreational Crayfishing

Here is a letter we received from Sauff with a link to a current petition Link to the petition: Follow this link to Petition Why is this Important? There are recent figures that show that in the last year, there was in the region of 97% overfishing on the overall TAC (Total Allowable Catch) for Westcoast Rock Lobster. Desmond Stevens Director General of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry has proposed a minimum reduction of 16% in order [...]

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Midlands Bluewater Gamefish Classic Cancelled

We have had to cancel or perhaps postpone to next year this comp due to lack of entries. At the time of writing this we had only a few entries and with the costs of meal deposits and t-shirts it was not an option to go ahead. Guys need to realize that comps take a lot of organization and money is needed up front to get the comp off the ground.

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My Friend Edward Hayman

I first met Edward at the 1990 spearfishing nationals in Port Elizabeth. We liked each other immediately and maintained a strong friendship over the years. Edward was a great guy to spearfish with and we had lots of exciting adventures together. Edward was a very generous person and was always prepared to help whether it was giving out info on dive spots or giving freely of his vast knowledge concerning spearfishing. Edward was one of the countries top spear [...]

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Clansthal Conservancy aiming to totally ban fishing/sprearing in prime fishing Area

We received this email from Basie Ackerman highlighting an issue that will be of interest to those that dive Aliwal Shoal: Hi guys, You may have heard about this, or not, but bottom line is they are basically going forward unopposed with their proposal, which is to totally ban all types of harvesting from approx. High Rocks (Widenham Point) south to Greenpoint, from high water mark and 7 kms out to sea. That includes the Aliwal Shoal, Nebo total [...]

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KZN Teams For Nationals

From the Spearfishing SA team we would like congratulate the following Spearos for being selected to represent the KZN Team in Nationals 2013. Message from Gary Uys: "Afternoon All,after much deliberation we have put together the final KZN teams for Nationals 2013, thanks to Craig Heslop and Jeremy Williams for their assistance as selectors. I think in all we have an A team that looks close to unbeatable and very even B,C & D teams that could bring a [...]

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Diving and Spearfishing in South Africa – Review By Gavin Taylor

Diving and Spearfishing in South Africa - Author Piet van Rooyen When I was asked to review a book written by a spearo from Windhoek ,Namibia I must admit that I was skeptical. However from the very first skim that I made through the pages I knew that I was going to be pleasantly surprised... and I was. Piet van Rooyen has undoubtedly written the most comprehensive Guide to Spearfishing in South Africa that is available. The book is [...]

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